Sunday, June 28, 2009

FM June 29, 2009

It's been hot and humid, but what else can you expect from Baltimore in the summer? I had some plans to work on some crochet, it just didn't pan out. You know how life is, sometimes a few days attack you at once;)

I thought this was weird - and no, it's _not_ Lady Linoleum's crocheted eyeball

here's a crochet class being given online by Planet June at Crochetville. I don't know if there's a chanrge but I'm sure it's worth checking out if you can.

I know in this section of the country, it's too warm to wear a hat. But Olivia's butterfly hat is great, check out the pattern.

And since we're looking at hats, how about a baby hat?

I thought this flower motif square was pretty cool.

And this one is a majestic flower motif by Teresa

Noreen Crone-Findlay discusses clutter

Here's a pattern for a Granny's attic afghan

Here's Mr/Ms chubby bunny really cute

Yeah, it is too warm to wear a scarf, I agree. But it's a crochet ice cream cone scarf

This seems unbelievable to me, but apparently there is a pattern for a hat for a cat. I thought it was for a pattern of a hat that looks like a cat. if you make this, I hope you have a very tolerant cat or very good health insurance

As usual, no special consideration is received for the mention of any of these sites. The local emergency rooms would probably prefer I don't mention the cat hat site, but your cat might be more co-operative than mine.
By the way, Happy Canada Day as well as Happy 4th of July!

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