Tuesday, November 16, 2010

in memory of Robin Freed

Today would have been my friend Robin Freed's 56th birthday. I met her thru rubber stamping but we were both interested in fiber. Her interest took the form of quilts. For a quilter, the quilt block is the basic tool they use to make their creations. We crocheters also use motifs to make our creations. So in honor/memory of Robin Freed's 56th, I am posting links to various free motif crochet patterns.

Triple triangle square

Lace motifs - these are great

double heart square

Teresa's "Art of Crochet" blog has a wonderfully textured knobby granny square

baby bonnet squares

hearts in a row square

Northern Lights motif is made in size 10 crochet thread, but I bet it would look great in fingering or lace weight yarn

Concentric circles from Lion Brand

This is really cute - a retro polka-dot square

torch flower motif

That's it for this week. I hope you enjoy exploring the various motif patterns I have posted. As usual, no payments of any kind have been given to me to post these links. Everybody's too broke for that nonsense;)


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BeadRock said...

Hi, I just ran across this blog when I goggled my younger sister's name, and was touched by your thoughts. I am Heddie Swanson, Robin Swanson Freed's sister. I am now a bead artist, formerly an attorney. I can be contacted at beadrock@gmail.com. I may take up crochet or knitting if my arthritis gets worse -- but oh, I love my beads. And talk about a small world -- I kept Robin's childhood panda until it slowly disintegrated, so your younger sister and mine have something in common. Heddie