Sunday, August 13, 2006

you might need sunglasses or tada, the first ugly sock

Here it is, the first sock done in all its radioactive glory;) Despite the fact it looks small, it does fit my size 10 foot. If it doesn't look all orange and yellow and green, you may need to adjust your monitor;)
I already started on sock number 2. I doubt I will wear them with shoes as I can feel every stitch and that makes my feet uncomfortable. (I can sometimes do that with store bought socks.) But if not to wear out (which I really should, for the whole effect), I will put puff paint on the bottom and they will be slipper socks. I tried to get the other members of my family try them on, but I think they were afraid they wouldn't want to take them off - or maybe the sock would eat their foot, I don't know which;)

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