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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yarn Stash & Snob Knitters

I have decided (actually quite some time ago) my yarn stash is totally out of control. That, however, did not stop me from buying _more_ yarn at the thrift shop. I could insultate this house with the balls of yarn I got. I'm not bragging or complaining, just stating the facts.
I have been trying to clean up my basement. I'd love to blame somebody else for the vast amount of mess there, but it's mostly all me. Yeah, I could blame Cadbury (the bunny) or the cats or kids or the beloved, but honestly it's me.
I would be better served by "shopping" the basement than by buying new yarn. I have what I need to complete a bunch of projects, including some half started or barely started projects. I have a bunch of the "grannie's daughters" started, as well as the squares themselves. (The "grannie's daughters" are the first round of the square - apparently I was using up some scrap yarn.) I have about 5 crocheted flowers made from embroidery floss. And I found the tiny socks I was working on (but not the pair I _finished_.) A normal person would be more than happy to have all this yarn to work on various projects with and have them all organized according to project, estimated deadline, patterns and such. But I'm not normal. I think I am just hoarding all the yarn I can get my hands on. Yeah, a _very_ long time ago I didn't have much yarn and basically bought yarn as I could afford it for a project. But those days are long over with. I need to get over that bad habit.
I have given some away to various organizations. But I seem to turn around and buy more to fill that space up. *sigh* I probably need to give _more_ away....but it's difficult for me to part with it.
I also need to crochet more. I really haven't been doing too much of late. I don't have a good excuse except it's _cold_ in the car;). Plus I don't have a current long term project. It's time for me to quit whining and get started on _something_, anything. If I could just crochet at work or even with my toes;)

I ran across this post in Live Journal (a very interesting place) and asked the author if I could post it here and she said "yes". Anyway, she talks about various strata of knitters and also the fact that tho she knits, she prefers crochet. I thought I'd pass that along to you folks. I thought it was a pretty cool post.

Here's the link:


oh, here's something else - apparently Bernat is doing a survey in which you get some free patterns. According to their website, it won't be available until February 28, 2006. But here it is anyway....

Click here: Bernat e-Survey


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guest blogger

Guess what? The "Dee" of "Crochet With Dee" is currently having guest bloggers on her site this week. She's having a contest with it and anybody can enter, as long as you keep your post about (or mostly about) crochet.
I got one of the Wednesday spots:)
anyway, here's the link. I had originally planned to write about something else, but these thoughts popped in my head.
Give being a "guest blogger" a shot.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

a long time (more scrips and scraps)

I haven't been here for a while, I haven't really been crocheting that much. Part of it has to do with getting adjusted to my time change for work. Part of it is because I am at the finishing up point for 2 projects. I think I got to finish those 2 up before I start another - wow, I must be getting old, that was never one of my comcerns before;)

One project is a pirate turtle. I have to make a captains hat for him, but I need to get a look at a pirate's hat so I know what it's supposed to look like. That's made out of Red Heart (don't complain to me about how awful they are, if it wasn't for Red Heart, a lot of people wouldn't be doing any needlework. You got to start somewhere.) If I ever finish it, I intend to sell him on Etsy. It's pretty cool, but I'd think that because I made it.

The other project is lining a purse made of Ping-Pong (is that Bernat or Paton? I don't remember). I haven't lined a purse for eons, so this should be interesting. I also intend to sell it, providing I don't like it too much;) I also haven't made a purse for eons. A co-worker asked me if I could make a purse to her specifications and I think I can do it, but believe it or not, I don't have the color yarn she wants. I'm not even sure how that is possible, but there you are.

As for magazines, I have long ago received "Crochet!". I like the magazine, I'm a member of CGOA and generally I like the projects. I really did not care to see knitting with beads instructions. Does "Vogue Knitting" generally have any crochet projects? You know the answer as well as I do and that's_no_. So why put it in a crochet magazine? There's certainly enough knit magazines around.

And while I'm on the soapbox, let me toss in my 2 cents sbout books that are "knit and crochet". The last few I've seen that allegedly featured both arts, the knitting projects are more numerous than the crochet. (I'm thinking of "Family Circle Toys" as well as "Wrap Styles" here.) If they would just say in the table of contents "Here's a dozen knitting projects and four crochet projects, that would make me happy. I could pick up the book, scan the table of contents and check out what they have. I've have purchased a few crochet books from a book club and was surprised to see they were mostly knit.

Outside of that, what else do I have - I've been invited to the A.C. Moore "Moonlight Madness Sale". Yeah, I know everybody else in the world has been invited, too, so it's not exclusive. But it will give me a chance to use my gift card from Christmas. I have wanted to go there before but I was holding out for a sale. (yes, I _am_ cheap.)