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Saturday, October 08, 2016

been a long time......

I really don't have any excuses, it's not like I have been on a round the world cruise or working hard on my thesis. But I have been working on my life, so I should get props for  that - at least I'm going to give myself  props for that.
Meanwhile, my life has changed with the addition of 6 cats, bringing my total cat number up to 8 cats. I know, insane. These 6 were my brother's cats, he married and moved out of state and somehow I inherited them. Well, I shouldn't say "somehow" - I couldn't put them in a shelter even if it was no kill shelter.
It's good to know that cats are cats no matter where they are at. The gang of 6 (as I call them) love sleeping on crocheted items and yarn. anyway.....

I am currently working on the "never ending zinnia" afghan. I've got about 30 inches into it and I have decided to take a break. I have a difficult time getting the stitch count correct.  If I don't  get the stitch count correct, I don't get the petal round correct. I know that has to be an easier way to do this afghan, but I just haven''t hit upon it yet.  With most afghans, 30 inches in would be about halfway finished. But this afghan is in the round and I want it big enough to cover my full sized bed. I am tempted to square the round off and just make a huge plain border around it, But I also still want the afghan, so I will have to suss this out to finish it

I took a break from that afghan and I am working on a scarf It's a very basic pattern, I'm sure it's got a proper name but I don't know what it is. It consists of working on a base of an odd number of stitches and it's a single crochet stitch alternating wiith a half double crochet stitch (US terminology). This gives the scarf a nice texture.  I am using Premier's "Sweet Roll" yarn in red as it is to be a Christmas gift. The "Sweet Roll" yarn is similar to the "cakes" by Caron, it is one color  bleeding into the next color. The Premier yarn is soft plus it's  100% acrylic. I know some of you are going "ugh acrylic" and that's your choice. The Caron yarn is an 80/20 mixture, 80% acrylic and 20% wool. I don't do well with wool, it makes me feel congested and itchy.  Mohair, beautiful as it is, also does that to me. I don't know if it's an allergy or what but I avoid working with that type of yarn.

Another activity I have been doing s destashing my yarn. It's unbelievable but true, I have more yarn than I can ever use in my life even if I learn how to crochet with my feet. So far I have given 10 trash bags full of good yarn to charity. I have been tossing the ratty ones out.  It's really hard for me to part with yarn, it's like parting with a dream. - the dream, the thought that this beautiful skein will  inspire me to crochet a beautiful item. Thanks to the interweb, I can see new yarn and new patterns every day. I can not possibly crochet every pattern I have saved or craved, so I am finding good homes for my yarn.  It makes me forget (a little) about how much money I spent to acquire the yarn.