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Monday, April 27, 2009

Freebie Monday April 27, 2009

I've spent so much time at work, I don't even have time to crochet. But I'm still crocheting when I can. Too bad I can't crochet with my feet.....

If you're in the Maryland area, the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
is this coming weekend. There's a lot to look at (from sheep to
shawl, various exhibits of needlework with wool) and of course, lots
to buy - if you choose to. Currently they are calling for rain on the festival days, but that will probably change 6 times before Saturday. If you want to buy any of the festival gear (t-shirt, bag), I'd advise buying it online. The line is extremely long at the festival and while you're in line, waiting for your stuff, somebody else (maybe me) will be buying up all the good yarn and accessories. Admission is free

For those of you around Portland, Oregon, you might want to check out the Mandy Greer exhibit at the MCC - here's a little taste

This coral reef video shows the relationship between the math and the crocheted coral reef.

How to crochet a bunny nose (among other things)

Here's a cool beret pattern from Australia

How about having a ball? Here's a free Roxycraft toy pattern

This is cool looking - a v-stitch hat

And here's what you could really use - a free crochet pattern from SweaterBabe

This is for a boy's fishing hat, but you could decorate it any way you wanted to

The designer for this one (and she knows best, she designed it) said this is a great little doily. But I think it could make a great motif for an afghan. You check it out and decided for yourself.

This is so pretty - it's called "Mollie Flowers"

As usual, I receive no payola for listing these links. I will be at the Sheep and Wool and if they want to shower me with gifts I will take them, but I doubt that's going to happen;)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

FM April 20, 2009

It has been very nice this weekend, though it might rain tomorrow. But I'll be at work, so presumably I won't see too much of it. Physical therapy is going fine, my right ankle feels more mobile. Even though I generally don't like to have my feet touched, I do enjoy the foot massage;)

I got the issue of "Apronology" at A.C. Moore. Very interesting and it has two aprons that use crochet - one uses parts of a doily. If you like aprons, you might want to pick this up. (Be warned - it's $15 so you might want to use a coupon in it).
Here's the free crochet patterns for this Monday:

This is a flower afghan from "Talking Crochet"

I'm currently working on a baby afghan for a friend's daughter. But since I will be a great aut again sometime in August or September, I might choose this motif for a baby afghan from SmoothFox

I thought this was great - instructions on how to use the motifs you have collected

This is a great idea idea if you have some old cds (or the clear plastic ones that you get when you buy the burnable cds) - a cd drawstring bag

This is quite lovely and good for my end of the world's (sort of) spring weather - a crocheted cardigan from Berroco

I thought this was really cool - crocheted pinwheel sweater

This is so neat - it's a crocheted cat afghan tutorial by Teresa Richardson, "Art of Crochet"

And another great pattern from Teresa Richardson "Art of Crochet" - a bingo bag. I would think you could use it as a craft bag, too.

How about a rose pin (or magnet)
from Crochet Corner

This is really sweet - a flower pincushion from "Suzy's Stuff"

That's it for this week, folks, As usual, no econimic incentives were given for the sites listed here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

FM April 13, 2009

Sorry, folks, work has been eating up my time and I didn't even crochet _1_ thing last week. Hard to believe, but it's true. Not even a preemie hat. So today's list is short and hopefully I'll get caught up (at work and on life) next week.....

I have always been fascinated by the crocheted mitered square and here's a tutorial on it:

Once again, "Art of Crochet"'s Teresa Richardson has a wonderful tutorial - this one on the "trinity stitch"

I realize not everybody has a use for a "Hello Kitty" crocheted bag but for those of you who do, here's a cool pattern:

If you're just starting to learn crochet or you need a refresher, here's 3 tips for crochet

I always think that crocheted dishclothes are "too pretty to use". This pattenr's no exception to my belief, but here it is anyway.

That's it for this week. I didn't receive bribes, kickbacks, chocolate, jelly beans or anything else in exchange for posting these sites. I just thought they were cool.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

3 quick things

I wanted to post this link to Roxycraft for a free bunny pattern because I just read about it and somebody out there may still be looking for a quick bunny pattern:

L'Tanya Durante has relaunched her blog and is giving away prizes alll week

Plus, I know this is "Crocheting Lessons" and not "Baking Tips" but here's one I'm going to toss out there for you. A lot of people are celebrating Easter this week and can't see the sense of making a bunch of hard boiled eggs that their kids won't eat. (Okay, maybe it was just my picky brats). Here's a suggestion, you can bake cupcakes from scratch or use a cake mix. If you use the foil lined cups, you can shape the line to be egg shaped. Bake the cupcakes, provide some icing (again homemade or purchased), some sprinkles or candy and let the kids (or adults) have fun decorating the cupcakes. I'd just use one type of frosting myself, but it's up to you.

Now we go back to our usual broadcast;)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

FM April 6, 2009

It's April and it's Monday, so it must be time for Freebie Monday....

Last week I had a pattern for the cat from "Kiki's Delivery Service" - this week it's Kiki herself

Need a quick gift or maybe just some silliness in your life? I'm often tempted to bring finger puppets into work just for a laugh, but maybe they would haul me away to the funny farm. But maybe I'd start with these spring finger puppets

Or how about funky pigs?

This is really cute, in a "Frankenbunny" kind of way. Check it out...

For those of you who work in thread, this is a lovely Irish rose doily

I keep saying I'm going to make a rectangular granny square - maybe I should try this pattern...

This is a great pattern for a v-stitch hat

And because Passover is coming up, here's a crocheted yarmulke

I love flower patterns and this pansy pattern from Planet M is beautiful. And yes, I do agree, guinea pigs are very cute. And I do like her crocheted representation of a guinea pig better than I like the one I made up....

Remember the VHS clutch purse I said I was going to make? I got so frustrated with it, I put the tape away for now....but maybe I could handle a VHS tape mouse pattern

or better yet, a VHS tape bunny pattern

This is very interesting for those of you who want to work with crochet diagrams - how to make crochet diagrams using Adobe

TIme to spruce up the house? Maybe you can try these crochet bath accesories

I've seen a few butterflies this week and they made me think of these butterfly accessories

As usual, I get no money for posting these sites. I feel like I should say it every week just in case somebody's thinking "hey, why did she post that free pattern and not mine?" I post what I like but more importantly what I find.