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Sunday, December 03, 2017

oh my oh my

Hello again.
I am almost a grandmother....okay, sort of My older son Dan is involved with a young woman who has a total of three children - two are 5 year old twins. So all that goofy kid stuff I've thought about making or wanted to make I can do that now. So hooray for me  :)

I prefer making toys over about anything else. Toys are usually quick to make, so it's an immediate gratification thing. Working on an afghan can take so very long that it gets a bit boring - at least to me. And every time I think "yes, this is the afghan I _have_ to make", some new pattern comes along and catches my eye.
For instance, I have a serious love thing going on with the Lion Brand's crocheted "Tree of Life" afghan. I have even gone as far to purchase the yarn to do this afghan. Have I started it? No. Am I even thinking of starting this? Sort of - in the way I make vague plans to do something. There is always something else to do. This is strange because I don't have any set deadlines for anything I am making, but I'm keeping my options open.
For instance, my youngest sister has asked me to make her a queen sized afghan for Christmas 2018.  Any color, any style. I am torn between "let's do something difficult" and  "let's make it easy on you".  I haven't quite decided which direction I favor or even colors. Now, if I have any sense, I will pick a pattern so I can use up some of my huge stash. I have more than enough to make a few afghans. But I want to. The new variegated yarns intrigue me. I want to play with all of them which I know is extremely childish  and foolish of me. But a new afghan would give me a reason to buy new yarn, right?  New project, new yarns, new year. All of that sounds good to me.
And all of the new afghan patterns I have noticed - the "Sophie's World" is beyond beautiful. And it also would be totally different from anything else I have ever made. It would give me a chance to try new stitches, new techniques. And it would definitely make an outstanding gift for my youngest sister. It could be my masterpiece.
But then I hesitate. Will I take the time to do it correctly or next year at this time will I be struggling to get it done? I want to say I'd be completely finished, all ends tucked in nicely and ready to present. 
I guess that will be my goal for 2018, finish a complicated afghan as a gift. I will document it here. I'm sure there will be bumps along the way, so if you want, you could follow me. Should be interesting.