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Sunday, April 27, 2008

FM 4/28/08

Do you have a small doll that needs some clothes? This might be a good place to look for patterns.

I have made many, many afghans made of motifs - as I'm sure most crocheters do. Here's an easier way to join all thoise motifs.

Want to try some freeform for a good cause - breast cancer.

Krenik (to me) is better known for their embroidery thread. But here's some crochet patterns for their various projects:
Click here: Kreinik Manufacturing Co., Inc. :: Freebies :: Crochet & Knitting

Here's a new fashion crochet magazine that debuts June 15, 2008:

Crochet (as well as knit) patterns by yarn type:

The hyperbolic crochet reef project visits New York.

Here's a Scandinavian snow white bikini for the (relatively) short Scanfinavian summer.

Want to make a hackey sack? Here you go:

This is a pattern for a natural alternative for plastic pants that cover diapers. Definitely better than plastic pants.

Ready for a crochet talk show - with the "cheerleader for crochet" Dee Stanizano?
Crochet and Dee Staniziano

The "crochet dude", Drew Emborsky, has a free afghan pattern posted, based on Frank Lloyd Wright's work.
Drew Emborsky also has a book coming out later this year, "The Crochet Dude Designs For Guys".

Need an oven towel? I do. Here's a tutorial for one:

Sometimes, I need to see a stitch being worked to really understand it. This tutorial for the diagonal box stitch is good.

It doesn't have anything to do with crochet, but it's a little something to think about:

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A contest to win some cool earrings

Noreen Crone-Findlay makes some amazing creations. This time she is running a contest to win a pair of lovely lacy wire butterflies. You have to enter the contest by the 25th (yes, I should have posted it sooner - I'll blame work). I would really love to win this, but it's fair that I let other folks know about it.....here's the link:


good luck and check out the other cool stuff on M's Crone-Findlay's blog....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

fm 4/21/08

This is a really cool pattern for crocheted socks:

Yes, it is Earth Day this week. Although some media outlets are calling Earth Day a "national holiday", it's not really - the post office and the banks remain open. But I never need a holiday to post a link to Noreen Crone-Findlay's site for some cool crochet. Here's a crocheted market bag as M's Crone-
Findlay's contribution to Earth Day

Do you ever dream about crochet? Sometimes I think about a pattern before I go to sleep, it seems to help me fall asleep faster. But this woman dreams of crochet and creates hats with her dreams:

Not a pattern site, but something totally different in the land of crochet. Here's a crochet crab and a frog (among other animals) by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos.

This pattern combines 2 of my favorite things - crochet and buttons.

This is a character from the "Dr Who" tv seiries:

Did you ever have a Blythe doll? I was a little too old for dolls when she became popular. But my younger sisters had one. They would have asked me to make this hat for their doll.

Many, many years ago, I was married to a guitarist. The band would usually practice at my house. I wish there was something like this pattern then.

Looking for a springtime centerpiece - check out Berroco's pattern for pussywillow and hydrangea.


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Sunday, April 13, 2008

fm April 14, 2007

I know in some parts of the world it's almost time to ditch the socks and go to sandals - but come on, socks are small and easy to carry with you project, so here's an easy sock pattern.

Want to see a crocheted swimsuit? This is cute.

Carol Ventura does fantastic tapestry crochet - and if you like cats, this is perfect for you.

A new edition of the Essentia newsletter (Black Purl) for your reading pleasure.

This looks like a really cool exhibit if you plan to be in the Pittsburgh area anytime before the end of June, 2008.

Here's a cute pair of earrings from Roxycraft:

Since in some places it's getting warmer, here's a lovely lace top to crochet.

Lady Linoleum always has wonderful offbeat handwork on her blog. I love the lobsters on this shawl, but I love how lobsters _look_. They just make me laugh. I have no idea why.
Lobster Bake Shawl

Looking for a new fence for the yard? This is a beautiful fence (not crocheted, but I still thought it was cool). Really cool.

Lots of free reading this week - a new issue of "Crochet Insider"

This looks like a great place to check out crochet toys:

Starch?! I didn't know anyone used liquid starch anymore, I thought my mom used the world's supply on my petticoats and my dad's boxers.....
Cute little caterpillar pattern:

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

FM April 7, 2008

I have a lot of plants. This becomes a problem in late October when I have to bring them in the house because the sunroom will be too cold for them. However, this plant sling could be just waht I need to make that transition a little easier:

Got a cat potholder? Here's your chance for a pattern for one:

Summer is coming and here's a pattern for a bag. It's made out of granny squares, but it doesn't look like the traditional granny square bags:

Speaking of summer, here's a pattern for a beach cover up:

I hope I haven't posted this before, but I love this pattern. It's perfect for people who have an offbeat sense of humor - or to offend somebody, I guess.....
Mouldy Cupcake Crochet Pattern

This says it's a pattern for a pot holder, but I see it more as a trivet kind of thing:
Pattern for Crocheted Sealer Ring Pot Holders...

You've seen or heard of performance art - here's a crocheting piece of performance art:
Radical crocheters plug away on pink project for Ulrich

Do you have cats? Then you have cat fur! Would you like to learn how to spin it into yarn? Check this out: http://www.hankeringforyarn.com/spinning-cat-fur

Want to find out more about crochet designers, particularly Mary Jane Hall, author of "Positively Crochet!"? Here's an interview with her: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art2070.asp

How about a crochet necklace? Here's a pattern:

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