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Friday, September 30, 2011

things I'm working on

Well, I've been working on a few things here and there. I made an afghan and turtle for a friend of mine but I have (apparently) forgotten how to upload a photo. I've been working on squares and preemie caps and of course, my WIP - the filet curtain...still not finished.
I'm thinking a new baby girl is coming to my extended family next month, if all goes well. I need to start my planned afghan. I will be swiping an element or two from somebody else, but I think it will be good. It will be sort of a quilt time afghan, done in pinks.

I must have a dozen crochet books around me, old and relatively new. There is simply not enough time in the day to work on all I want to do. So maybe I'll learn how to crochet with my feet. That way I could work and crochet at the same time. I know it couldn't be anything too complex, but I'd be able to get my crochet obligations out of the way.

And here's a strange thing you won't believe. I decided to participate in a yarn bombing. Oh yeah, you heard me. But it will be a yarn bombing with a twist - I intend to give a piece of sculpture a hat and a scarf. That way, if somebody removes it, they can actually use what I crocheted. Well, it works for me.....