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Monday, January 26, 2009

not today

Sorry, folks, not today. A dear friend of mine died last week and I am not in the mindset to list free patterns....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

FM 1/19/09

It's been _cold_ here in my neck of the woods. And my leg still hurts, boo hoo. But here you go,
I do have the free patterns this week, if you can tear yourself away from the Inaguration and football....

You have to see this - it's amazing. I think Teresa should partner with a yarn company to sell this as a kit:

Cjeck out this gallery of great crochet

I do recycle, but this is taking recycling to a higher level

Is this the year you submit your crochet pattern to a magazine -
here's some info

Here's a job I never would have thought of - crocheting for the movies:

Here's a lovely scarf pattern from Australia

And how about a crochet purse?

The next 4 are from Moomglow:
scarf stitch

a open motif

a crochet carrot bag

and a demonstration of one type of shell stitch

And if you're like me, you got plenty of t-shirts that may be a little, well, sad. Here's how to make a rug out of t-shirts:

Here's a neat motif - a circle square

If you got a boy to crochet for, chances are he will love this - a gross eye patch

How about a cute little beaver pattern

You can't use it to hold hot water, but it's still cute - a crochet tea pot

And there's a moose on the loose

And here's a charity even coming up - V-Day. They are accepting donations for scarves for auction at Frostburg State University, but there are other events going on - www.vday.org
If you want to donate to the scarf sale, here's the info:
Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement
Attn: Dawn Lucas - V-Day Committee
20 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD 21532

As usual, I get no payola from the sites listed. That's probably a good thing because otherwise I'd have to declare it as income on my income taxes and it would bump me to a much higher bracket;)

_enjoy_ (and stay warm!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

FM 1/12/09

Hello again. I'm back with your weekly dose of free crochet patterns. Here you go:

It's not _that_ cold here today, but according to the Weather Channel, it will be pretty cold (for the MD area) this weekend. So here are some crocheted polar bears that should feel right at home in my neck of the woods.

And now for something completely different, a mini mokona

Apparently you can use tiny crocheted sweaters to cover your keys so they don't scratch up your purse's contents - or as an ornament. Here are two tiny sweater patterns.
and two:
Of course, talking about the cold means it's time for mittens

Perhaps you're not in a cold area. So here's a pin cushion pattern for you.

Another cute preemie hat pattern:

And Moonglow has two coaster patterns this time - a shamrock coaster
and a Valentine's coaster

And Maggie Weldon is giving away some of her wonderful crochet patterns available as a download:

And in case you won't be able to make it to Washington, DC for the inauguration, you could always make your own President Obama - courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn.
and you could probably modify the Senator McCain finger puppet to look like Vice President Biden

As usual, I get no paybacks for listing these items. The economy is tough and it's hard for a hooker out here;)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

FM 1/5/09

Hello again. I think I'm a bit cranky (I _still_ have the stinky old boot) and out of sorts. Even the new issue of Interweave Press "Crochet" didn't impress me that much. Except, of course for Amy O'Neill Houck's stunning "Alpine Frost Scarf". If that doesn't impress you, well....you probably shouldn't read the rest of this because you won't be impressed by the listings here. Another reason I'm cranky is this new law that's supposed to take effect February 10, 2009. (No, it's not the HD tv thing.) I make preemie hats for the University of Maryland NICU as well as make afghans and small baby toys for the folks I know. I know child safety is _extremely_ important but I think this law may be going a bit too far. Plus no one seems to know how to intepret it. Can I still make preemie hats? Do I have to stop making baby afghans? Nobody seems to know. You may want to check this out for yourself....

Vanna's Choice Contest - it's not free because you have to make
something using Vanna's Choice Yarn, but still, a contest is a contest.....

This is a great read - Vashi Braha's "Crochet Manifesto"

On with the freebies:

How about a spiral clown

Teresa from "Art of Crochet" has a mitten pattern

For some reason, I find lobsters funny - this one is no exception

Here's a fox pattern:

24 point (yes, I said _24_) round ripple

Here's a crochet necklace tutorial

I have changed this particular item because it is _not_ free. I got this very nice email and I want to share it with all:
"Akua Lezli Hope has left a new comment on your post "FM 1/5/09":

Thanks for including me, but the bird pin pattern isn't free.
However, my Hope's Birds pattern,
http://zencrochet.blogspot.com/2009/01/hopes-birds-published.html, is

Please check this one out. Thank you, Akua Lezli Hope for pointing this out to me and also sending me another link. I apolegize for any inconveinence this has caused for anyone.

And a cute crocheted pouch by Moonglow

Do you or someone you know use a walker or a wheelchair? (Sounds like a tv ad for a medical supply place) Here's a crocheted tote for wheelchair / walker

"Savannah Shawl" on the Caron site

This is really cute - a "Little Miss Peanut" doll

Of course, I get no kickbacks, payola, money, gifts or gratuities from anyone I have mentioned. I'd take them but nobody's offering.