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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Free crochet pattern links and a picture of my groundhog....

*whew* What a few weeks! My aunt died, we got 48 inches of snow in a week's time....
*whew* All I hope for right now is that March doesn't "come in like a lion" this year.....

But on with the free crochet patterns. I know this is late for Valentine's day, but you could still make it for a wedding - a crochet heart shawl

My brother and sister-in-law just became grandparents of a lovely little girl named Eliza. She is a cutie-pie. So since my SIL's name is Rose, I have a few rose themed patterns

How about a vintage rose hat for Eliza?

The snow completely covered my roses in the front of my house. I don't know if they will survive it or not. But I can still have some crocheted roses:

And the rose purse - an oldie but a goody

I don't know what other blogs you may read. I especially enjoy "This Year's Dozen" with the journey of the 101 motif book. Plus the ones she said she wouldn't make again. Check it out - this year's dozen

Here is a tutorial on how to crochet (or knit) with boucle yarn. I find myself getting totally messed up with the stitches, so I tend to use a smooth yarn with it - check this out

We may finally see flowers by November at the rate this is going. So since November's flower is a chrysanthemum, I could make this now and save myself the wait

It's still cold here and they are caring for more snow om Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I think it's time to make a log cabin afghan

This is a really cool square from Smooth Fox - a flower button square

I don't know if I keep forgetting to put this in or whether I've posted it a dozen times. Hopefully, I didn't post it a dozen times. But if I did, here it is again - the world's biggest crochet hook.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

a couple days late....

Sorry for the delay. Between dealing with work and snow, things have been a little weird around here. (Okay, a little weirder than usual). My rosebushes as well as my bulbs have about 28 inches of snow on them. And we're expecting more tonight. I'm beginning to wonder if my daffodils will make it.

Hopefully, my daffodils will make it. But this is the only way I'm going to see any daffodils any time soon

Here's another cat for you

I just bought some Bernat in the soft yellow and I think it would perfect to this
baby duck crochet pattern. I could add some yellow fun fur to it, but I'm not so sure that would be good for a baby. The fun fur seems to shed.

I seem to have toys on the brain - luckily here's a few more free patterns - a turtle

And a frog toy

and a snake

And something cute but a little different, a stuffed star

If you're on the east coast, you probably have need of a few more hats to keep yourself (or your loved ones) warm during this bout of "February Fury" as the Weather Channel is calling it so here's http://www.crochetme.com/Crochet-Hat-Patterns/ from CrochetMe

And you might need some mittens to go along with that hat. Bev's Country Cottage always has wonderful patterns- here's one for baby mittens
and a pattern for a larger size

Here's a peaked hat with ear flaps

I found this pattern absolutely fascinating and want to try it out...
a chain maile scarf

Here's an "autumn tunic" but there's no reason why you couldn't change the colors for a "winter tunic" or a "spring tunic"

Dogs have to be walked - even in the winter and the snow - and they can get cold. So here's a dog sweater pattern for you.

This is an amazing looking scarf/belt

Or how about this pattern for crochet mittens and a hat from Bernat?

If you missed the "Blessed Mother Prayer Shawl" from "Annie's Favorite Crochet" (December 2006), here's a chance for you to get the pattern. It is a wonderful work of art.

And how about a cute rainbow applique?

If you need a cute decoration for a baby shower gift, here's a quick crochet mittens gift topper

Here's a few quick ideas for Valentine's Day

Jewelry bag number 1

Jewelry bag number 2

and of course, some hearts.....

Here's crochet hearts ornaments

This pattern says "Christmas" but you could do it for Valentine's Day

Again, this says "Christmas" but it could be done for Valentine's day

A treat from The Royal Sisters, Grandma's hearts

Here's a quick one - a crochet heart bookmark

And that's all I have for today. I'm still working on my groundhog, I'm still working on the body part, about half finished. As usual, I get no gratuities from mentioning these sites. I'd accept them, but nobody's offering;)
Enjoy and I hope you keep warm

Monday, February 01, 2010


In this neck of the woods, we got 7 inches of a "light dusting of snow". Plus it's _cold_, in the teens. Not exactly the most pleasant weather in the world. But being able to stay inside and drink tea and crochet is great:) I just hope the bulbs that are just to pop out of the ground don't freeze.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the earthquake in Haiti. It will take _years_ for Haiti to get something close to normal. Etsy has a special section for selling items to benefit Haiti - it's called Hearts for Haiti and this is the site. Check it out:

I don't know if you follow the blog, "This Year's Dozen" but it's pretty cool. Chesk out the granny squares she's completed so far:

And along with the granny squares, here's a rainbow outline granny square pattern.

And just because February has Valentine's Day in it, here's a granny square heart pattern

And, of course, another heart pattern from Planet M Files:

Maybe you call your honey your "love monkey" (or maybe you don't). Either way, here's a cute amigurumi monkey pattern

And though I am freezing right now and can't think of what I'd use fingerless gloves for, this is still a very pretty pattern

How about trying out cables in a limited way - here's a crochet cable purse

And if your feet are freezing, here's some crocheted slippers

Another lovely pattern from Caron - a scarf - Pandores scarf

That all for me this week. I hope you are staying comfortable - not too cold and not too warm, just right. As usual, I don't get any favors for posting these links.