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Sunday, December 28, 2008

your crocheting horoscope for 2009

Please keep in mind that this is just for fun and if I happen to describe you (or somebody you know) exactly, it's sheer luck. If you're easily offended, you might not want to read this particulr blog unless you happen to like being offended..... If I could really predict the future, let's just say I'd be betting heavily on the Super Bowl......

Aries March 21-April 19
You are lively and energetic, you love bright colors and your stash reflects that. You're also sensitive to the world's problems - the growing economic mess, the plight of the poor in your area as well as around the world. How does this concern crocheting for you in 2009? I suggest you find a charity project, something that will allow you to make small items such as caps or squares for afghans, that will allow you to use your yarn and your energy to brighten other folks' lives. It doesn't have to be a lot - maybe try a new stitch for an afghan square in that beautiful burgundy yarn or a cap in that sunshine yellow. These small projects will fill up the time between the bigger projects you have planned for this year - plus soothe your soul while crocheting. And everybody needs to have their soul soothed.

Taurus April 20-May 20
Everybody always cracks about "Taurus the Bull" and the stubbornness this members of this sign have - although they prefer to call it "perseverance". My suggestion for you this year is to let go of your perseverance just a bit. You know what I'm talking about - your unfinished projects. All of us have them, but most of us don't beat ourselves up constantly about it. I suggest you forget the lovely christening gown you're working on in size 30 thread. After all, your child is almost 30, so it's not likely the kid will be able to wear it. Instead, salvage what you can of it - maybe crochet lace around lovely handkerchiefs for a bride to carry. Use those small lacy motifs to dress up a card or nicely frame a few of them. None of us will think any less of you for not finishing that huge project and it will free your mind and hands to take a project on that's more appropriate for the way you are living now.

Gemini May 21-June 20
You enjoy having a lot of crochet (as well as your other projects) going on at one time. But life gets complicated and sometimes the new kitten chews up your best H hook. Take a deep breath and relax. You probably have the second favorite H hook still around, so use that one. And for a pleasant change this year, stick to one project until you actually finish it. Life has thrown you some curve balls over the last year or so, so you need some sameness in your life. No, don't run away, I didn't say "boring". But it will give you a great sense of accomplishment to actually finish that sweater you've been working on in snippets of time. And with your sign's well known sense of fashion, I am sure it will look absolutely stunning. So, Gemini, dazzle us with your brilliance.

Cancer June 1-July 22
Moonchild, you are more sensitive than anyone gives you credit for - not only your feelings but your tactile sense as well. Some yarns do soften up after washing them with vinegar, but raffia is _still_ raffia no matter what you do to it. I suggest you carefully splurge on some soft yarn. It will make a huge difference in how much you crochet and how happy you are with the finished item. You could shop the Internet to find soft yarn but do it in ways that don't break the budget - perhaps a company selling discontinued yarns or checking on something like Freecycle or Craigslist. You could even work a convention to barter your time for yarn or trade with somebody on Ravelry. It's especially important this coming year to have the medicinal powers of crocheting with soft yarn in your life. Trust me on this one.

Leo July 23-August 22
Your exuberance for life and crochet will gain a new outlet sometime this year. Don't ask me who, don't ask me when, don't ask me how I know this, but there will be a new person in your life to crochet for. Not sure if it's a child or an adult or maybe just a cause you take on, but it's definitely showing up this year. Keep your eyes open for new patterns and new yarns, but don't forget to go shopping in your stash first. Perhaps that little stuffed lion, your symbol, will be what you first present to this new person in your life. Don't wreck your wrist by crocheting all night on your project for your new person. Just take your time, this person will be sticking around for quite some time and you will have time to make all those "someday" projects you've got on your list.

Virgo August 23-September 22
This could possibly be the year you decide to become a crochet designer. Don't "poo-poo" the idea, you know you've been considering it. You've seen some of those patterns and thought "whew, what are _they_ thinking?" and known you could do better. And you can, as long as you do your homework to find out what's involved in becoming a crochet designer. Plus you can post your patterns for sale on something such as Etsy. No need to worry about whether the magazine will accept your pattern or whether you've made it with the right brand yarn or arrived in time for the publication dates. Of course, it would be very good if you did publish in a magazine due to the broader exposure, but keep in mind that magazines typically have a 6 month lead time. So if it's October and you just finished your cool tree skirt pattern, you might be better off to make it available through an Internet outlet. Email me - I'm looking forward to seeing those new cool patterns.

Libra September 23-October 22
You want everything perfectly balanced - just like the rest of us - but you tend to get a little snippy if things aren't exactly as you think they should be. So loosen up a bit with your life and your crocheting. The world won't really come to an end if you don't dust every day. Make the time to sit down with your stash and pick the projects you want to do. You can even bag them up with the directions just to please your sense of order. But don't spend all your time to make sure everything is hospital clean - it's not always necessary. Put down the mop and pick up your hook and yarn. Create something beautiful from those hard working hands. The dust will be there tomorrow, but you'll have a better attitude about it as you see your beautiful work progress. If you can do this, I predict you will have a much more enjoyable year.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
Yes, you are the sensual crocheter of the group. But it's really time to stop petting the luxury yarns in your stash and actually _use_ some of them in a garment. Yes, I know, you didn't buy enough for a whole sweater. You may be sensual, but you're not rich. Use your yarn on trims for mittens/gloves or maybe a neckline for a sweater. Use them as special accents for a really sweet scarf. You get double the pleasure - you get to crochet with it and you can pet your precious yarn in public. And all Scorpios want to be admired, even for their clothes, so wearing it in public would garner you more attention. Or, here's a great idea, use it to trim a gift item. The person who gets it will be doubly pleased.

Sagittarius November 23-December 21
I know some Sagittarius and I love them, but sometimes you get a little too obsessed with money to be good company. Yes, I know yarn and all the notions and patterns that goes along with crocheting has gone up in price. They've gone up for everybody, not just you;) Instead of fretting about the price of yarn or patterns, look to your stash. And while you're shopping your stash, you can actually do something to (sort of) save money. Make gifts for folks only using your stash yarns. You've already paid for it (unless you charged it and you may never finish paying for it). You're got the tools and patterns you need. So make those mittens for that niece of yours or maybe a shawl for that woman at work who is having a difficult time. You will have had the pleasure of crocheting something wonderful and getting lots of positive encouragement as well as saving money. What else could a Sagittarius want, besides the winning Powerball ticket?

Capricorn December 22-January 19
Capricorn, take a peek at the Sagittarius prediction as well as the Libra prediction. Finished peeking? Okay, on to you. You work hard, very hard even when you crochet. You like to have all your implements organized just so. No kitten is going to chew up your best H hook unless she has the combination to the safe. Because you work so hard, your crocheting can be a bit tight. This can be good for some things but obviously not if you're trying to make gauge. That hat for your sister is not going to do her a lot of good if it's only big enough for a Barbie doll. Use a slightly bigger hook than what the pattern calls for to make the gauge. Also continue to check your gauge during the making of the item. You're likely to get used to the larger hook and make your stitches tighter as the pattern progresses. Plus try making something totally silly for yourself - some amigurumi to dress up your station at work. If you can't got for a "useless" thing, how about a colorful potholder for your kitchen? Relax, you'll live longer and enjoy life more.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
Your independent nature makes me think this is the year that you should try freeform crochet - if you haven't already. You will like the scumbling and the vibrant motifs involved in this type of crochet. Best of all, no new investments unless you choose to make them. You can use the hooks and yarn you already have. You can search the Internet for groups videos about freeform. There are a few excellent books out dealing with freeform, but you don't necessarily have to own them to start out. You'll love the freedom of not following somebody else's patterns - it fits your personality like a glove. I predict you will really enjoy this new (to you) way of crochet expression. Plus you will turn out some very unique projects that will cause a sensation. If you post them to your blog, let me know - I'd love to see them.

Pisces February 19-March 20
You have a great sense of creativity and a good color sense - but picking a project is too hard for you. It can be overwhelming to see all the lovely choices for crocheting, but don't let that paralyze you. You could pick the oldest project in your "works in mind" (WIM) list or find something new. But pick_something_ and crochet until completed. Too often you get sidetracked by another bewitching crochet goody and just don't follow through - on either project. And than you natter on about "I was going to finish that sweater but I seen these socks..." Make a list of the projects you'd really like to accomplish and assign them a number - "1" for something you really need to do. "2" for ones you really want to, "3" for ones
you want to do, "4" for what you sort of want to do and so on down the list. If you end up with a list of all 1s, I wouldn't be surprised. If not, than make a separate list of the stuff you really need to do. Put the paper in front of you, close your eyes and make a pick. That will be your next project. If you find yourself saying "yeah, but I really wanted to do the purse", do that one.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

FM 12/29/08

Hope you had a lovely holiday and spent some quality time with your loved ones and got what you wanted....or got gift certificates so you can get what you want;)

These classes aren't free - some are $10, some are $30. But for a chance to learn taprestry and beading or find out how to design for publication, they are definitely worth checking out. And for the wannabe threadies, there's a class in filet crochet

I know the _last_ thing you want to think about is crocheting for Christmas. I can't say I blame you. But look at this as an easy pattern to do in the spring or summer, being lightweight and easy to carry along. Plus you can use it as an ornament, sew a garland together or use it as featured, in a card....
A reindeer from Lion Brand

and a few more from Lion Brand
Lion Brand teddy bear - you could dress him up for any holiday by changing the bow...

and a Siamese cat

I thought this was really cute - pixie dolls

After the year I've had, I think I_need_ a pocket angel and I can think of a few more people who do. I bet you can, too...

Now another wonderful pattern by Teresa Richardson - the "galaxy stitch" scarf pattern by

These fingerless gloves seem more suited to a male than the previous pattern links I have posted.

A crochet mitten pattern

and you can make a matching headband / ear warmer from the same site

A cute smiley baby toy for a cute smiley baby

Here's something I never thought of - an afghan from old wool sweaters

And something else I have never seen - ripple tube socks

As usual, I receive no payola for any of these listings.
Here's hoping you have a safe happy new year holiday and a good 2009.

P.S. I am in the process of updating some of the blog sites on the side., This week I updated the "Crochet With Dee" site, so if you're trying to see her site, now you can....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

FM 12/22/08

Happy Hannukah, Wondrous Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas! I got a short list today because, like you, I am busy. My new oven came yesterday (hooray!) and I have baked brownies & German chocolate cake so far. But as I tend to bake a lot for Christmas, obviously, I got a lot more to bake...
Try not to blow out your wrist in the run-up to Christmas. You can always attach a piece of yarn to a card, a description of what you and the estimated time of the finishing of the gift you are making to give as a gift to your gift receiver. That may save your wrist....
Here we go:

Here is a bunch of free patterns for the female in your life - some I know I've featured before, but there are a few new ones....

You'll recognize this child's toy ornament - some sort of sketchy toy immediately:.

Another one from Moonglow - a Christmas Candy dish - though you can change the colors anyway you like

How about a video on how to crochet a hat

This looks quick - a crochet tree coaster

I debated whther to post this link or the link to the Burger King site (for the Burger King cologne). After watching the Burger King video, I decided it wasn't only _not_ worksafe and _not_ kidsafe, but properly unsafe for anyone to look at - it would probably give you nightmares. But the "Mom Song" by Anita Renfroe won me over, so here it is:

Here's a really quick no-bake cookie recipe for you...
! package (12 ounces) milk chocolate chips (you could go for another flovor if you want)
1 package dried Chinese noodles (15 ounces, I think?)
1 small pinch of salt.

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Empty the package of chocolate chips into a pan, add the small pinch of salt and _slowly_ melt them over a low flame. Chocolate scorches easily - you could use a microwave, but I find chocolate burns up quick in a microwave.
When the chocoalte melts, add the Chine noodles and stir until well covered. Use a teaspoon (or a tablespoon if you want bigger cookies) and drop by the spoonful onto the waxed paper. Allow to cool. Now you have about 60 Chinese noodle cookies (I've heard them called haystacks, but that's when you use butterscotch chips) . These are good for the sweet and salty crowd.

As usual, I get no paycheck from the items I've mentioned - not even the Chinese noodle people;) I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

FM 12/15/08

Hello again. I'm not 100% but then again, who is? I've got a lot of links today, mostly Chrismas related - for gifts and some decorations. I have searched for free Hannukah crochet patterns, but the few I found I have listed already. So if you know of any or maybe you have it on your blog, please make a comment and I'll be happy to post it....
on with the show

This is a contest from Berroco Yarns - enter to win a gift basket of yarn from Berroco

The new "Crochet Insider" is now available

This is a news article about how a woman chose to honor her sister:

More news - Interweave Press acquires "CrochetMe" site:

You probably have heard of this or maybe seen a photo of it - it's a giant crochet pencil, I tell you!

I don't like gingerbread. I know, it seems a terrible thing to say, but there you are. And though I like to bake, I wouldn't consider baking a gingerbread house. I'd rather crochet a gingerbread house:

This articke says it's about knitting, but I would think the same principles apply to crocheting

Those of you who are up on things, here's a new project for you - it's the Chinese zodiac amigurumi

This would be a cute add-on to a sweatshirt - a crochet snowman applique (yes, even though it says "add to cart",it's a freebie

How about some crochet thread ornaments from Purple Kitty:

The next five patterns are from Caron's "Twelve Days of Christmas" 2008 emailing:
fingerless gloves
another pair of fingerless gloves
stuffed lion )
front door stocking (or to hang up by the chimneyif you've been very, very good)
rainbow crocheted fish

The "Art of Crochet" always has wonderful videos. I sometimes forget stitches I've used in the past....
tutorial on the v stitch

All right, lets go to Home Depot and buy some copper wire and start crcoheting....

How about a quick pair of crochet slippers:

Moonglow has posted some sweet patterns of her site - here's a chocolate truffle hat.

You're broke, I'm broke, everybody's broke. And for the vast majority of us, there won't be a bailout from the government. But you can still get a cool handbag - here's a pattern for a Fendi bag - check this site out

How about a star garland?

This is pretty neat - you got one skein of yarn in a particular color, here's a site that lists one skein crochet projects

Not really holiday like, but still neat a a star dishcloth pattern

I never would have thought of this, but it's a great idea - doilies using sock yarn

Got Jelly Yarn and wondering what to do with it - check out Jelly Yarn patterns

Granny squares pop up in a granny square Christmas tree

Star of David hexagon granny - put them together for a scarf?

Here's your listings for this week. As usual, I received no money to list these sites. I'd take it, but nobody's offering me any money;)


Sunday, December 07, 2008

not today

Sorry, folks, not today for Freebie Monday. We had to put our oldest cat (14 years) , Spike, to sleep and I am not in the mood for much of anything. We explored x-rays and ultrasound, but his lungs kept filling up with fluid. Tapping the lungs only bout a day or so of relief. So with great sorrow and regret, we put Spike to sleep.
Next week....

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

FM 12/1/08 - a day late and a dollar short;)

I hope last week was, ahh, not as exciting as it was at my house. I had a grease fire in my oven on Thanksgiving. Nobody was hurt except for the rolls I had in the oven and the cookie sheets - and possibly my oven :( Seriously, no one was hurt, but that's why it's always good to keep a box of baking soda by the oven. It's the best thing I found to smother grease fires.

Onward and upward:
Hanukkah is (I think) December 22 this year. You might have a chance to make a afghan from
crochet hexagonal Star of David motifs:

Here's a neat little crocheted icicle

Not everybody can be at New York for the lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree - but you can crochet one:

Or how about something completely different, a crocheted snow globe?

Looking to make a gift of a book extra special - how about a book stocking?

Here's a scarf pattern from Caron's "12 Days of Christmas" collection

This is so cute - but I have no little kids to make it for - here's a crocheted snowman bib

For those of you who are already tired of winter, here are some spring bracelets

Still looking for a poncho to make - check out Purple Kitty for their poncho patterns
Click here: Free Poncho Patterns | Purple Kitty

crochet candy cane from Planet June

Want to try a different slipper to make - how about these Mary Jane slippers

As usual, nobody is sending me boses of yarn or patterns to list these freebies. I'd like to lie to you and say I wouldn't take it, but come on - offering me yarn is like offering a chocoholic a Hershey bar....


Sunday, November 23, 2008

fm 11/24/08

Yup, I'm still using the boot to walk around in. The leg is not healing, "too much stress" according to the doctor. I should be getting an electrical stimulator for my leg this week. I have to use it for 3 hours a day, so I am hoping it is portable and requires a battery so it will be easier for me to comply. Next visit to the ortho - January 2, 2009. I'm thrilled;)

It's a bit colder in my area than the usual November temps - we even had snow flurries on Friday, so I thought I'd list some hats and scarves first.

Here's a crochet rib hat that would be suitable for males or females....

Or how about a tapestry hat?

This would also be good for males or females - a crochet beanie

Here's something I thought was cool -
a ripple scarf

And how about a ripple purse to go with it?

How about a Caron brand yarn scarf by Kim Guzman ?

This shows you how to do the seed stitch -

And now for something completely different, a tessalated crochet fish motif/ That could worl out to be a cool scarf pattern (no I haven't tried it yet).

So now I can bring the snow flurries into my house, without the cold - here's a snowflake garland

ANd this one must have escaped the Thanksgiving list last week - here's a pilgrim girl fridgie

A lot of people like "Hello Kitty". When I was in Atlantic CIty a few years ago, I seen a "Hello Kitty" ring made for an adult (woman, I suppose. I can't really see a man wearing a "blingy" ring with a cat face on it, but I know nothing of fashion). So here's a really cute amigurmi "Hello Kitty" doll

For those of you interested in wire crochet, this is neat. A crochet wire leaf to make into a pin or a centerpiece.

This link is for a survey for2 free Bernat e-books. Yes,. there is no strictly crochet book although there are a few strictly knit books. And yes, you will probably get it around the first of 2009. But it is a freebie, so there you are.


Despite rumors to the contrary;) I am not making the big bucks off of posting these links. I'm willing to be bribed, but people are way too honest to offer me a bribe.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

FM 11/17/08

I'm still hobbling around with this boot and thinking about the big Thanksgiving feeding frenzy at my house. I've been working on preemie hats and just shipped off 10 crocheted hats to "Knit One, Save One" in Brooklyn, New York. http://vickiehowell.blogspot.com/2008/11/knit-one-save-one-with-warm-up-america.html
The other preemie hats I make continue to go to the NICU at University of Maryland Hospital.

Not a freebie, but 50% off of Roxycraft Patterns is still pretty sweet.

SInce Thanksgiving is in little over a week (in the USA) , it's time to polish the silverware - or maybe not....how about spending that time making crochet decorations for Thanksgiving? People will remember the Thanksgiving decorations longer than whether they can see their face in your silver?

How about starting with a turkey amigurimi?

Or how about this turkey?

You might remember making a turkey drawing from tracing your hand - or maybe your kids did? Here's a crochet example of it in crochet - a turkey hand crochet

Or how a turkey square that needs to be tested, according to the author - check it out

Here's something really cute - a pumpkin pie fridge magnet

Or how about a turkey fridgie...

Here 's teddy bear pilgrim outfit and a link for a crocheted teddy bear

How about a cute turkey pin to wear on your apron or coat -

Or how about a pumpkin pin

As usual, no payola came my way for listing these sites.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

FM 11/10/09

November 11 is Veteran's Day, which is so much more than buying carpet or mattresses. The poppy is for rememberance and here is a link for a crocheted poppy: http://crochetroo.blogspot.com/2007/04/anzac-poppy-free-crochet-pattern.ht
And here's part of the haunting poem.....
In Flanders Fields
By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)
Canadian Army
In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

For the complete text of the poem: http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/flanders.htm

Now to go on to our normal Monday visit. I'm still limping around, but I had a grand time at Stitches East. Today (Sunday, November 9) is my birthday and my sons and my beloved gave me some wonderful gifts, some books, a cd, and even a tiny silver crochet hook. I could probably crochet with it, but I can't imagine working in thread that small. Here's your freebies.

Making a bag for yourself or as a gift and wondering if it's just too hard to line it? Check out this tutorial - sewing a lining in a crochet bag. http://www.futuregirl.com/craft_blog/2008/10/tutorial-sew-a-lining-into-a-crocheted-bag.aspx

This could be a quick gift idea - lovely wristlets.

For those upcoming holiday parties, make an spectacular entrance with this sequin heart shawl

I have 3 things from Teresa, from "The Art of Crochet"
First, a new (to me) granny square - a checkerboard square granny

For the threadies in the audience, here's a beautiful crochet thread angel

And last but certainly not least, Teresa doing a drawing to celbrate her 200th blog entry

I can't really imagine this, the local newspaper here smells like oily rags. But hopefully the yarn from old newspapers doesn't

Want something cute and furry - how about some slippers? I think they are cute, but my kittens would tear them up quickly...

Here's a beautiful pineapple shawl

A free crochet e-book from Interwaeve Press -

Amd now, a brief introduction to tapestry crochet by Carol Ventura

There's a brand new online crochet magazine - "Crochet Uncut"

Looking for a different potholder for the Christmas holiday - here's a Christmas tree light bulb potholder http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/4054/cldcph.htm

As usual, I have received no payment of any kind for any of these mentions. (Okay, except the Stitches East and I already explained that one) but I do accept bribes;) Just everybody is so honest, they don't offer bribes. Shame, I would take them.....


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Stitches East

well. I worked the Discontinued Brand Name Yarn booth yesterday at Stitches (at the Baltimore Convention Center) and I had a blast. I proudly wore my "CGOA" pin on my Kimba shirt. The first part of the day I sat with Cheryl Potter of Cherry Tree yarns (http://www.cherryyarn.com/), author of "Skein For Skein". There were models for many of her designs - the "Ring of Supersox" was great. Yes, it was knitted, but it could be translated into a chrochet pattern. It was really cool to see garments made from the beautiful sock yarn of Cherry Tree Yarn. I talked about the call for designs and the "Sox" contest to the people coming into the show. I gave away small skeins of super wash merino and it was great. The second part of the day I restocked shelves and broke down boxes and that was great, too. I met so many nice people and had such fun talking to them. I got to look around the convention and see what the other vendors had for sale. I especially had fun picking my yarn out for payment. Oh, Sockotta:)
Lots of stuff for knitters and also a fair amount for crocheters. And of course, yarn doesn't care what you use it for. I was intrigued by a needle felted wool animal demonstration, but I managed to convince myself not to buy a kit. It was hard, but I already have too many hobbies (obsessions?).
So if you get a chance, go to the Stitches convention this weekend. It was a great birthday gift for me. And yes, I did get paid for the work, but the convention would still be great even if I hadn't gotten paid for it. I would have paid to go and spent more money, so it worked for me.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Stitches East

Stitches East will be at the Baltimore Convention Center this weekend. I had argued with myself that I was not going to go, I had more than enough yarn, no time, on and on. Of course, I lost;)

I will be working at the Discontinued Yarn booth on Friday:). Of course I have a day job, but I am off Friday so I'll work for yarn that day. So if you see a woman with long red hair working in that booth, it's probably me.
I couldn't afford to work for yarn all the time - after all, kittens (and big cats) need to be fed along with bills just like everybody else has. But for 1 day, I think I will enjoy it. Plus it's all _mine_, no sharing it with the bill collectors;)

So if you see me there, please say hi....

Monday, November 03, 2008

FM 11/3/08

Some of you may remember me posting about my great nephew, Payton, the little boy who slid down the slide that was covered in acid. He is getting another skin graft this week, so please send good thoughts his way. Thanks a lot.
If you're a fan of art dolls, this one by Bonnie Prokopowicz is featured in the Winter 2009 "Art Doll Quarterly" magazine. I'm not sure if the word "cute" is used to describe art dolls, but it is a cutie.

Not a pattern, just a thought / inspiration here.....

For those of you who follow Noreen Crone-Findllay's blog, she is no longer at "Hankering for Yarn". She is now at www.tottietalkscrafts.com

Crafty Corral is having a contest on the website - the deadline is quick (November 14, 2008). You have to make certain items for charity. Check out the drawing at:


Now for the free patterns:
once again, Teresa has come thru - here's a beautiful potholder pattern using the "magic square" technique. She is amazing.

another one from Teresa

I've seen a few flakes of snow, so it's probably time to crochet this - an ice scraper mitten

This pattern is the reason my sons are happy the internet wasn't accessible to me when they were kids - otherwise, they'd be wearing hats like this:

I have a lot of those clear plastic cds left over from my beloved's projects. This is pretty cool way to use them - a Christmas wreath cd hotpad/trivet


Saturday, October 25, 2008

FM 10/27/08

I'm back. I'm still sad and confused, but the only way to deal with grief is to work thru it, so that's what I'm trying to do. I didn't post this last week but I still have the boot on my right leg for at least another month. The leg is not healing quickly because of "too much stress". SO hopefully by Thanksgiving it will be off or they will do "bone stimulation". That doesn't sound like fun. Thanks for all the emails and support...

Some of the links on my posts as well as the ones I have on the side may not work after October 31, 2008. AOL is closing down their blogs as of that date. As I find the new addresses, I will post them.

This site is just to look at - it combines 2 of my favorite things - crochet and buttons. Check it out: "Always a Bridesmaid" Kathleen Holmes' beautiful marriage of crochet and buttons

On to the show:
Noreen Crone-Findlay's creation, Tottie Tomato has her own blog - and it features one of M's Crone-Findlay's pattern for a crocheted baby hat. Very cute.
In my part of the world, it's time to think of making afghans, maybe as a Christmas present. Look at this reversible afghan pattern:http://www.sarahanns.com/crochetworks/afgan.html

Priscilla Hewitt's crocheted mask. (This is an AOL site, so don't dawdle): http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/lffunt/mask.html
M's Hewitt's new site is http://www.priscillascrochet.net/

This is really cute - a crochet donut:

Lady Linoleum works her magic again - this time it's a bat applique in time for Halloween:

There's a contest being sponsored by Caron Yarn and A. C. Moore. It's the "Naturally Baby Blanket" contest. Take a peek at it: http://www.naturallycaron.com/naturally_baby.html

Again, the "Art of Crochet" comes thru with Teresa's Lovely work - first, a crochet snowflake
than a filet crochet angel

Want to know the "behind the scenes" of Carol Ventura's "Sunburst Bowl" which is featured in the September/October 2008 issue of "Crochet Today" - here you go: http://www.tapestrycrochet.com/blog/?p=470

Have a large stash you want to reduce without giving it away (to me?) The "Stitch Diva" Jennifer Hansen's has a stash buster blanket on You Tube.

As I have said a lot of times before, I receive no compensation for cataloging this sites. If somebody wants to give me some compensation, well, I'm all for it;) but I doubt that will be happening any time soon....


Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Memory of My older Sister Bee

I wrote this back in 2006, talking about my older sister and how she taught me how to crochet. She died this past week and we are having a wake for her at my house on Sunday. Therefore, no Freebie Monday this week. Bee would have been 58 next month. I miss her terribly. This rant started off as a response to the "Not your Grandmother's crochet" phrase.

My older sister, Bee, taught me how to crochet (and knit). She took dress design in her vocational school and that's something the students had to learn. She struggled teaching me how to crochet because I was (still am) very impatient. It seemed to flow freely from her hands, but I just couldn't seem to grasp it. It took me about a few months of practicing and watching and Bee showing me time and time again for me to get that "aha" moment.

I had to make something for my Home Ec class, any project, but it had to be crocheted or knitted. The Home Ec teacher didn't show us _how_ to do it, we were supposed to know. And we were also supposed to bring the item into class so she could see us actually work on it.
I choose yellow and green yarn for the colors (it matched my bedroom). The yarn I bought was rug yarn, I think. It was the least expensive of the yarns in the five and dime I visited and the start of my love affair with Boye hooks, a size H.

Bee did the chain stitch to start. I had great difficulty starting the project. Now I realize I pulled the chains too tight and couldn't work stitches in them, but I didn't know that then. I don't remember if Bee tried to get me to make them looser or not. At any rate, I was stitching along. Horizontal green and yellow stripes, done in double crochet, that had a sort of "rib" effect. I didn't know I was supposed to put the hook under _both_the loops on the top of the stitch. Bee probably did about 30% or so of the afghan. But having to take it to school and show my work made me try to learn the stitches better.
The teacher had doubts (reasonably so) that I was actually doing the work. I was slow and it would be unreasonable to think I had gotten so much done so quickly. But the day finally came when I could whip the project out of my duffel bag and actually accomplish some rows while in class. After that, the teacher didn't question my ability to crochet. I honestly don't remember what other people made. I can't remember if there were amazingly complex patterns or just ponchos (it was the late 60s). But I was sure glad I got that project done. And it certainly kept me warm.

The afghan is long gone now, a victim of time and moving. It wasn't that beautiful a project, but it was important to me. The joy of actually creating a project that big has stayed with me. I still enjoy the accomplishing of any project, whether big or small. And I've made a ton of afghans since that time, but that first one remains in my memory as an extra special afghan.
After all, how many crochet projects keep you warm, co-ordinate with your room and get you a good grade in school?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

fm 10/13/08

Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians in the audience. Lucky you, you're going to be eating turkey:)

There's a few things that aren't freebies, so let's get them out of the way right now.

If you're so inclined, I have put a button up (on the right hand side) for a donation for the "Race for the Cure"in Baltimore. It's next week, so I'm not quite sure if my doc will let me walk the mile or so. I signed up for it before I realized I'd be in the stinky boot so long. The money doesn't go to me, it goes directly to "Race for The Cure" which is working to find a cure for breast cancer. I've walked it almost every year, but not so sure about this one because of the broken leg. We;ll see what the doc says on Friday.

Peter Franzi (Hookerbear Creations) does some besutiful patterns - even for larger sizes. Until December 31, 2008, he is offering his great patterns at half price. Plus they are in a pdf form, so there's immediate gratification for thos of us who are pattern addicts. Check it out:

Here's something amazing (to me) - okay, it's not a freebie, but it really doesn't look that hard to make the Saks "Pacific Hobo Bag":

Thinking maybe the next few months will ruin your diet? Here's a suggestion for you - an amigurami food swap:

And to get you started, a pattern for amigurami candy corn

This is a very pretty hat done in bulky yarn:

In honor of my two new kittens, Braveheart and Heidi, here's a cute kitten filet chart:

This patten is called "Divine Cap" and it really is quite divine - check out the other patterns on the site, too.

Need a crochet Christmas tree here you go:

This is one of my faves because I have trouble working with thread - snowflakes using "woolen yarn"

But for those of you who do work with thread, here's some lovely thread snowflakes:

The Art of Crochet makes an appearance again with these crochet slippers on You Tube.

Want to learn how to make some beautiful lace - check out the basic Bruges lace shown here:

As ususal, I don't get any payola from the sites mentioned here. I'd accept it but since I mention the sites for free, why would anyone pay me?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

fm 10/6/08

Here it is Monday again. I really truly mean to post days other than for Freebie Monday, but life gets in the way. Here's today's offerings:

Pattern Making has two lovely designs - one is a beautiful afghan
and the second is for granny square slippers for the whole family:

Since it's October, pumpkins seem to be a primary decoration. Here's a filet pumpkin chart:

or maybe you'd prefer a few amigurumi pumpkin patterns:

Or to get into the fall mood (and warm up a bit), here's a falling leaf afghan pattern:

Red Heart has a website for the free patterns that come on the ball bands. So if you misplace that pattern (or maybe you never seen it), here's a place for you to check out:

Somebody out there has finished the Lion Brand crochet along and has a photo of her finished sampler - check it out, it's very pretty:

Have you been looking for a Cthulhu pattern? Here's one for you and the wings look great.

Wormie has put her free patterns on one blog - Wormie's Pattern Place:

This isn't a pattern but it may give you some ideas to do with plain t-shirts:

Here's another site that has free patterns - Sue's Crochet and Knitting patterns

Noreen Crone-Findlay makes another appearance in this blog with her "Around the World" baby sweater and hat for Caron. Very cute:

As usual, I am not being financially supported by bribes or gifts by any of the sites I have mentioned. I keep waiting, but I think everybody's just too broke to do it;) - maybe when the economy takes an upturn;)


Sunday, September 28, 2008

FM 9/29/08

Here it is, Monday again (and so quickly). I am still walking sround with my lovely boot;) I did do something I thought was neat crochet wise this weekend - I used an old cd to make a coaster for my tea mug at work. It wasn't that hard to do, especially if you count your stitches correctly, which I seemed to have trouble doing last night;) Anyway, on with the show....

I thought this was pretty cool, a cheat sheet on how many chains & how many wraps you use for various stitches: http://crochet.about.com/od/filetcrochetcharts/ss/leaves011203.htm

For those of you who want to get an early start, here's Christmas Stocking pattern. It's for a crochet (and knit) Christmas stockings. (By the way, does anyone else notice how fast the special Christmas yarn disappears from the stores? It seems if you don't get it way before Halloween, you don't get it)

For the filet lovers out there, here's a lovely filet leaves chart:

Amy O'Neil Houck has found the time, between moving from Maryland to Alaska, to create some crochet instructional videos - you got to check them out:

I thought this is a very interesting textured wristband - prehaps would be good for a watchband.

"Crocheting with Dee"'s Dee Stanziano has posted her pattern for preemie caps and info on the "Caps to the Capital" project.
Click here: Tulip Preemie Pattern

"Hankering for Yarn"'s Noreen Crone-Findlay has also posted a preemie cap pattern, along with info for the same project.

Need something to hold the door open? How about a crochet door stop wizard?

This isn't a freebie, this is for a kit - but you can find inspiration in it - it's gorgeous. You could use your favorite flower motif in your favorite colors (or somebody else's favorite colors) to make a lovely gift.

For Rosh HaShanah:
How to crochet a yarmulke
and another yarmulke
Happy New Year 5769!


As usual, I get no kickback from anyone for listing these sites. I'd take a bribe, but that's not oging to happen;)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

FM 9/22/08

It's almost fall (in my neck of the woods) as I write this, so I think some scarf patterns are in order:

Here's something that you don't see everyday - unique and beautiful - a spiral scarf

What if you, like me, get a cold neck very easily? or maybe you just don't want the scarf to hang down where it could get tangles in something? Here's the perfect scarf pattern for you, the unisex neck scarf.

If you're interested, the "Red Scarf Project" has begun again and is looking for donations. Here's the info on it

Or maybe you're looking for something to decorate your home? How about a filet crochet heart pattern?

You've probably seen curly fringe on various items - here's a tutorial to help you learn how to make itl

This is quite lovely, it's a crochet butterfly motif - check it out.
I have 2 new kittens, bringing the total number of cats in my house up to four (again). Since Heidi and Braveheart (the newbies) are stealing my scrunchies to play with, I should probably make this for them, some crochet sardine cat toys

or maybe a cute mouse for them to play with? Hopefully with four cats, I wouldn't have a mouse problem....

As ususal, no bribes were given to me to post this info. I wish somebody would try to bribe me, but so far, nobody has;)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

FM 9/15/08

What a week! I celebrated (?) International Crochet Day by going to the leg doctor's and wearing my capris with the crocheted flowers on them. I crocheted preemie hats while waiting for the appointment. I even wore one of my t-shirts from my Cafe' Press shop. But that didn't have anything to do with the outcome - I _still_ have to wear the boot for another 5 weeks (too bad it's not a pirate boot). But on the bright side, at least it's my leg and not my hand.\

Some important news for pet owners - there has been (another) pet food recall. This includes pet food from Wal-Mart as well as Wegman's store brand. Some brands are Old Roy, Special Kitty, Pedigree and Buju and Ziggie. This petfood can cause Salmonella serotype Schwarzengrund in your pets. Please check this site: http://www.petcare.mars.com/

On a sad note, "Essentia" will no longer be publishing a newsletter. L'Tanya Durante is part of "the sandwich generation" (as many folks are) and is not able to keep up with it. I wish M's Durante the best of luck in her future endeavors and I am happy to see that M's Durante does have a new craft blog. Here it is: http://www.craftnicity.com/

On with the show
If you have ever listened to "Dr Demento" on the radio, you'll know that September 19th of every year is "Talk Like a Pirate Day". To find out a little more about it, here's a link

What's that got to do with Freebie Monday? Well, there's a bit of a theme going on here...

These 2 patterns are for _sale_ not for free, but you might feel compelled to buy them to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day
Interweave Press Crochet Dread Pirate Sam (unless you have the edition with this pattern in it) http://shop.interweave.com/Crochet-Dread-Pirate-Sam-P202C59.aspx
and Scurvy Pirate pattern for sale

This one is a freebie pattern from Lion Brand, a crochet pirate pal.

Or how about a Crochet Captain Teddy?

here's a few links that aren't related to pirates.

This is a beautiful beaded crochet collar pattern.

And at the same site, a crochet butterfly doily pattern.

Here's a little something to dress up your little black dress:

This is an incredibly cute scarf pattern - all hearts

I can't remember if I posted this or not - if I did, sorry, but here it is again, a crochet along with Lion Brand

As usual, I receive no booty for listing these sites. I'd take some, but nobody's offering;)