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Friday, December 02, 2005

a new (to me) stitch

I have often tried to create the "basketwave" stitch - you know, the one where you go in the front posts of some stitches and back posts of other stitches, creating a raised stitch effect. For some reason, I have not been able to "get" this stitch.

Until this past Monday - on the way to work, with my younger son driving, I pulled out a hook and a skein of Lion Brand "Jiffy" in an off white color and calculated the stitches. I proceeded to crochet and *ah hah* the stitch made sense to me and it worked up wonderfully. I have finished about half of a scarf in that particular stitch (it's for my oldest sister) and I am quite pleased. I would have done one thing differently, though. I would had approxianately 4 rows of plain double crochet at the beginning (I didn't leave any) and 4 plain double crochets on the sides. I think it would have been neater. But I didn't feel strongly enough about it to rip it all out. I'll just put more of an edging on it than I normally would.

I received my order from Lion Brand's online shop yesterday. I had order the colors to make a Harry Potter school scarf and they look great. I'm going to make up a pattern for the "new" scarf, from the current movie. It should be relatively easy to do. It doesn't appear as if any special stitches are used. Yup, I know the original one was knit, but it should be relatively easy to convert to crochet. Maybe I'll feel ambitious and try the afghan / Tunisian stitch on it.

At any rate, that's where the crocheting stands now. I have finished a pair of the stocking earrings and promptly misplaced them during the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner. I will have to do that again. Of course, I didn't write it down - that would make it _too_ easy;)


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