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Sunday, January 29, 2006

not the fastest crocheter

It's really true, I'm _not_ . I visited Michael's today because they were doing the contest and I had hoped to snag a prize. They didn't have everybody crochet at once, basically you came in and they timed you for 3 minutes. I wasn't too thrilled that they started the chain for me and I yanked out my first stitch (double crochet) because it didn't look right, but there was somebody faster than me - somebody (at the time I was there) did 50 double crochets in 3 minutes. I just did 38 stitches.
I consoled myself by buying yarn on sale;) The Moda Dea "Wild" and "Vixen" was on sale - so was "Ticker Tape" but I didn't buy any of that.

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SAHM of Color said...

My mother participated in that a few weeks ago and she won! She's inspired me to pick up a needle, so I'm trying to learn online since we live so far apart. Great Blog!!