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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

correction & thrift shop yarns

It was Lord & Taylor that had the crochet earrings. I have never shopped at a Lord & Taylor, wonder what that's like?
They must not have yarn, because if they did, I would have been there already.

For those who are wondering what happened with at least some of the Target yarn that wasn't sold on clearance, Big Lots has it for 79 cents a skein (at least in my area, which in Baltimore County). I have also seen it at a upscale Goodwill, they were selling it for a dollar a skein.
You have to be careful buying thrift shop yarn because you might get something disgusting like bugs ore it could be dry rot. Check the feel of the yarn as best as you can through the plastic bag. If you see stuff moving around in the yarn, do _not_ buy it. If the yarn seems too fragile (breaks as you try to feel it or separates easily), again, don't buy it. You can get some pretty good deals in thrift shops, but you have to carefully examine what you're buying. But you should be doing it wherever you buy yarn. Some yarn feels good to the touch, but it seaparates while you are touching it. If it seaparates easily at a touch, think of how bad it's going to be to work up - splitting the yarn is not my idea of a fun crochet session and probably not yours, either.


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