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Monday, May 01, 2006

It's sheep & wool week:)

Yes, my friends, one of the most eagerly anticipated days (outside of half price chocolate day and the "moonlight madness" sales) is coming up. The Maryland Sheep and Wool festival is this coming weekend.

This is one of the coolest (if not _the_coolest) fiber events. There's no admission, so all your money can go to yarn or yarn accessories or even buying rovings if you want. You can just walk around and gaze at the beautiful yarn, pet the sheep and see people spin angora yarn right off the bunny's back. This is the event I have been trying to save my nickels for, so I can blow it there. Last year I didn't find much of anything, but I wasn't in the proper frame of mind to actually be there. My younger sister was dying (in fact, she died the next day) and it's hard to even consider yarn when your heart is elsewhere.

They generally have alpacas, goats and llamas as well as sheep and bunnies. If you are so inclined, you can purchase the animals to get the yarn right at the source;) I won't, because I don't have room for any more animals. But I will look closely at the angora bunnies. Luckily I have one at home and that will stop me from getting another one. (No, I have never spun his fur. I keep thinking I will, but I'm just lying to myself.)

I will be at the festival with my younger son. My beloved hubby will be out of town, taking a class that day. It will definitely be different with my son, because Craig will just wander worund with me. I hope Will has that much patience, we'll see.

I am hoping to catch up with a few folks I only see there now. I will be wearing a large yellow straw hat, I think they call it a "picture" hat, so if you see a middle aged woman with a big yellow hat digging thru the yarn, it's a good chance it's me. I have nothing specific in mind that I am looking for, I probably shouldn't even buy any more yarn. But I'll be there, buying yarn anyway;) The hand painted yarns are amazing to look at, so far I can't part with the bucks to buy a skein. There's lots of different yarn (than what you see locally) and you have a good chance of finding something to tickle your fancy.

They also have items that are knit / woven / crocheted out of wool on display. The judges are very strict. The comments on the garments tell you exactly what the judges found good or bad about the item. Most of the time, I can see why some things are not the first prize winners. One comment surprised me was that the item "smelled of cigarette smoke". I don't smoke and in the open, you can't really identify a smell, but apparently the judges could. It was a shame, too, because it was a beautiful shawl.

I have finished the 12 point round ripple and a turtle to go with it. I am debating whether to make a turtle for the future older sibling. Since the baby shower is for the new baby, I don't know. I could probably make one fairly quick if I quit goofing off and get to work. hmmmmm


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