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Saturday, June 10, 2006

something a little different

I'm not a lamp person - my mom was, my grandmother is, but I don't get that excited about lamps. My DH usually picks out the lamps. (I'm also not much of a furniture person - I have been known to drag bookcases that were set out for bulk trash into the house. However the last one I dragged in, the "Roach Radisson" was not well received. As you can tell by the name, the roaches loved it.) And when I think of crochet for the home, I think of things like aghans, potholders, maybe a pillow.

But luckily for me, not everybody is like me. Here's a like where a very talented designer took on crocheted lamps - _not_ lamp shades but lamps
Click here: Inhabitat » Blog Archive » CAI STOCKING LAMP

To me, it doesn't look that difficult to make. (If course, I never tried it;))You could probably use a pattern that would be used to put over a Christmas ornament or maybe 2 doily patterns, sewn together. You could also go by the name "stocking" and make it like, well, a stocking. It would definitely be a different look for a room. If it ever got on one of those home design shows like "Trading Spaces", I bet it would be a huge hit.

Check it out

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