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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Wow, I hadn't realized it's been that long. Between having my extended family over for Thanksgiving on the 18th & than doing a family Thanksgiving on the 23rd, I really haven't had time to post.
I am still working on my contract piece, it is going slower than I thought, but any project goes slower than I think it should go;) I'm the time that would pick up the "24 Hour Projects" book and figure "oh, it will only take me eight hours;) " I must think I have flying fingers.
Outside of that project, not much of anything. I did venture out to Michael's on "Black Friday" for their sale. No, I was _not_ there at 6am. No_way_! I'm not saying they didn't have good sales, but not for me.
They had rearranged the Michael's I normally shop. There was a lot less yarn there, which was a disappointment to me. I was looking for something a bit different, sort of like Lily's "Beadit" (I think it's called that) but no luck. Of course, I did buy yarn. I bought some Matrix, which was on sale for $2 a skein. Good price. And I also lucked into some Lion Brand Watercolors. That was in the sale bin. I bought 2 skeins, $2 a skein. I never have purchased this yarn before and now it's being discontinued! It's lovely yarn, bit I don't remember seeing it at Michael's prior to this visit. I really did luck out as I only had 1 skein of 1 color and was hoping for a second skein but couldn't find one. I stuck my hand in the bin, digging for something else and found another skein of Watercolor in the same color. *woo hoo* Now I want to go to every Michael's in the area looking for more Lion Brand Watercolor. It's a shame I don't have any yarn;)
But _why_ are stores downsizing the yarn departments? I was in A.C. Moore and it was the same situation - a lot less room for yarn, a lot more room for fake flowers and all the slightly different yarns were gone. I thought crocheting (and knitting, as they allege) is the "new yoga". So if it's so popular, why downsize the department? Are that many people shopping on line? I do occasionally shop on line for yarn, but nothing beats that tactile sensation of petting new yarn. That's when it becomes an impulse buy, it's so soft and so pretty, I just don't resist it. Online shopping is great if you know you want Bernat yarn, exactly the color and style, but petting Bernat Boa in person makes me want to think of a project for it.

I don't have any clear cut projects for Christmas. I've got yarn for a scarf as a project, maybe a stocking, but nothing concrete. I want to finish the piece I am working on before I start another project. That's unusual for me, but there it is. I got a lot of cool crochet books for my birthday, when I have a chance I will skim them and give a bit of a review.

I hope your crocheting is coming along fine and the cat did not eat your pumpkin pie.


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Hello, I am a blogger looking for locations in the Baltimore area I can take my daughter so she can learn to crochet. Any suggestions?