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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January 9 _already_?!

Thanks for all the feedback regarding the horoscope. It's funny how many folks thought I really "got" them when I was just making it up as I went along*

Anyway, here's a few websites you might want to check out. This one is crocheted furniture, which is pretty cool, but it wouldn't last 10 minutes in my house without the cats trying to figure it out by, ahh, testing it (read "scratching it")
Click here: | designws.com | design news |

For some reason, today I received 2 bits of info regarding crochet and the mathematical connection:

Click here: Knit Theory - - science news articles online technology magazine articles Knit Theory

Although the title refers to "knit", it's actually _crocheted_. Why the person writing the article can't figure out the difference is beyond me to know....

and here's the other article:

pretty cool stuff....

for those who took the advice to crochet for charity seriously, here's a blog you might want to check out:

You sign up to produce 25 items for a 12 month period, it's whatever charity you choose, it can be something small like an afghan square or something large, like a whole afghan. You choose how it's counted. Plus it's 25 in 12 months, you can even start, say December 1, 2006 if you happened to give to charity that particular month....I joined up, so far I got 5 things...I don't get a kickback from Cindy (who is running the blog) but it seems like a cool thing to do....

Now I have to go find my measuring tape to check out a granny square I am making for a donation....I have no idea where my measuring tapes wander off to, but they take the yarn needles with them and whatever particular hook I am using at the time. Apparently it's a very exclusive party;)

* the exception being the Gemini forecast, being based on my sister-in-law. I love her dearly, she's a great person, but she always has 10 more projects going on than any mere mortal can handle. It would be great if she would finish her stuff, but she doesn't. And lots of times, I get roped into finishing up her stuff....
and the Scorpio forecast, being based on me because I have bought a lot of fur yarn (hey, it's a $1 at the Dollar Tree) and I do hesitate to use it.....

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