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Saturday, February 10, 2007

ever have one of those weeks?

Where you look around and think "good grief, how can it be ______(fill in the blank) already?" Sure, everybody has - bad days at work or at home, new software to use, illness, crankiness, sleepless nights - you get the point. Sometimes crocheting something can be soothing, just the tactile stimulation of making something work correctly can be good. Sometimes it's just therapeutic to crochet away, as a sort of mantra or praying the rosary.
Sometimes you just feel like getting away from it all and in this video, that's what this person uses crochet to do:
Click here: Present!

Although really she's probably not trying to get away from it all. After all, it's bright red, a cheery color to say the least, so it's not depressing. It definitely would be warm. Pretty interesting idea, after all.


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