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Monday, February 26, 2007

Excellence in Needle Arts Awards

I subscribe to "Piecework". Yes, it's not strictly about crochet, but I still love reading it. So many interesting fabrics, so many stories and I believe that Mary Polityka Bush should at least have a book deal by now.
The current issue, March/April 2007 with the beautiful embroidered silk purse on it, has the current winners of the "Excellence in Needle Arts Awards" sponsored by The National Needlearts Association (TNNA). The grand prize winner is a stunning tapestry embroidered by Suzanne K. Vinmans.
Now what does this have to do with crocheting you ask?
The first place prize winner, in the knitting and crochet catagory, is Elena Stefania Ferrari, a 15 year old who crocheted an amazing lap blanket.

I couldn't even crochet a ripple afghan at 15, let alone something as complex as this lap blanket. The magazine did not have too much information on M's Ferrari, but I believe she has a great future in design. I just hope she publishes the pattern so mere mortals like me can figure out how she did it.


jacquiwheadon said...

I think it is double ended crochet (cro hook) and peiced together. It doesn't look that difficult if you had a schematic to work from.The basic technique is pretty simple its all in the way she put it together. A fantastic effort for a beginner though.

Anonymous said...

The piece is actually made up in her head...she made the pattern as she went along, and then made the schematic.... and she had only learned to crochet a couple of months before. She was 14 when she created the piece. She is an amazing young woman, multi-talented and a wonder to behold! We are lucky to be able to owrk with her at our gatherings at Yarns in the Farms.