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Monday, July 07, 2008


No FM today. I am preparing for major surgery and I find I don't have the concentration to check links and sites today. I probably will not be here for at least 2 weeks (about 4 days in the hospital to start with) and obviously there won't be any FM or anything else posted here.
I will be trying to get a lot of crocheting done, depending on how I feel. I'm putting together a project bag so I won't have to search the house for the yarn of the pattern. I also have the new Bendy Carter book, a novel this time "Dying to Crochet". I have been holding off reading it until after surgery but it looks _good_. 10 projects in it (okay, I did take a peek at the projects. I'm not _that_ disciplined.)
I am very lucky to have my loving husband, Craig, to take care of me during this time of recovery. I am the luckiest woman in the world to have him as my beloved. I don't want to send him through out the house saying "I want the fuzzy pink yarn, no, not that fuzzy pink yarn, the _other_ fuzzy pink yarn. No, the _other_ other_ fuzzy pink yarn" He's a sweetie, but I would think that would qualify as spousal abuse.
At any rate, check out some of the old listings and some of the sites listed and hopefully, see you in about 2 weeks.


Alia said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for the best possible outcome to your surgery. Rest well and heal easily.

Darcie said...

Best wishes to you in your surgery. I hope that everything goes very smoothly for you.

Sadly, I have not yet stopped to express how much I enjoy your posts. Enough of that! I will do just as you suggest...and look back in your archives.

Heal quickly! And crochet wildly!

(And nah...that couldn't be spousal abuse. Could it?) ;-)