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Sunday, October 12, 2008

fm 10/13/08

Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians in the audience. Lucky you, you're going to be eating turkey:)

There's a few things that aren't freebies, so let's get them out of the way right now.

If you're so inclined, I have put a button up (on the right hand side) for a donation for the "Race for the Cure"in Baltimore. It's next week, so I'm not quite sure if my doc will let me walk the mile or so. I signed up for it before I realized I'd be in the stinky boot so long. The money doesn't go to me, it goes directly to "Race for The Cure" which is working to find a cure for breast cancer. I've walked it almost every year, but not so sure about this one because of the broken leg. We;ll see what the doc says on Friday.

Peter Franzi (Hookerbear Creations) does some besutiful patterns - even for larger sizes. Until December 31, 2008, he is offering his great patterns at half price. Plus they are in a pdf form, so there's immediate gratification for thos of us who are pattern addicts. Check it out:

Here's something amazing (to me) - okay, it's not a freebie, but it really doesn't look that hard to make the Saks "Pacific Hobo Bag":

Thinking maybe the next few months will ruin your diet? Here's a suggestion for you - an amigurami food swap:

And to get you started, a pattern for amigurami candy corn

This is a very pretty hat done in bulky yarn:

In honor of my two new kittens, Braveheart and Heidi, here's a cute kitten filet chart:

This patten is called "Divine Cap" and it really is quite divine - check out the other patterns on the site, too.

Need a crochet Christmas tree here you go:

This is one of my faves because I have trouble working with thread - snowflakes using "woolen yarn"

But for those of you who do work with thread, here's some lovely thread snowflakes:

The Art of Crochet makes an appearance again with these crochet slippers on You Tube.

Want to learn how to make some beautiful lace - check out the basic Bruges lace shown here:

As ususal, I don't get any payola from the sites mentioned here. I'd accept it but since I mention the sites for free, why would anyone pay me?

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