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Monday, May 11, 2009

FM May 11, 2009

I am still working on the afghan for a baby girl. However, when I started sewing the motifs, I noticed just a few little problems. First, I needed 16 9 inch motifs. I figured after I sewed them together in a 4 by 4 formation, I'd add some trim to it and it would be close to about 40 inches square. One little problem - I only made _15_ squares. Okay, that means I have to make another one, not a bit deal. I could just go on sewing them together;) But there's another little problem. Six of the finished motifs have a total of 4 white rounds as edging the motif. Eight of the finished motifs have a total of 3 white rounds edging the motif. One motif needs to be edged and of course, there's the motif I have yet to make. I don't really have an excuse or anyone to blame it on except myself. I thought I was good at math, but I guess not;)

However, Margaret Wertheim happens to be great at math. Check out the video of M's Wertheim talking about hyperbolic crochet:

This is called a "Bottega Veneta Mini Crochet Ball Bag" and it's
selling for $5,200.00. Yup, I said 52 hundred dollars. Is it worth it?
Not to me, but it's definitely worth taking a look at:

For those who live near Smiley's Yarn in Woodhaven New York, they are
having a huge sale next week. I don't live anywhere near there :(

And Yarn Lady is having a moving sale, but again, I don't live
anywhere near Laguna Hills, California....

How about some artwork in the form of a crochet picture by Moonglow:

Here are two lovely jackets by Doris J. Chan

The beautiful "Maggie Wrap" from "Blueprint Crochet" by Robyn Chachula

If you are brave enough to wear it, I present some bathing suit patterns

This one includes a hat and a cover-up

This is just your basic crochet swim suit

How about a crochet bikini

Or another bikini - the "Mimosa" bikini

This site has a free pattern a day and allows you to check back for 2 weeks of their earlier free patterns

As usual, no economic incentives have been given to me to post these sites.


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