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Sunday, August 23, 2009

FM 8/24/09

Sorry, folks. I didn't intend to take off last week, but it happened. For some insane reason, I thought I could squeeze this out during the week, forgetting I just came back from vacation and had a ton of work to catch up on - as well as a ton of email to sift through. Has anyone else won the Irish Sweepstakes;) I've won 868,702 pounds which is $1,433,865.58 in US currency (as of right now). I don't even remember playing the Irish Sweepstakes. How strange. Do I have to go to Ireland and pick it up? And how many yarn shops do they have there? I think I would be doing some serious stash building with that kind of money.

Wheat Carr is doing a "yarnquest project" that will award a prize as well as discount coupons for her internet store. I intend to send some of my "vintage yarn" in, Check it out at

Rachel Choi does it again with a cute crocheted baby cocoon

and a cute bookmark

Do you remember the late night ads for all those great K-Tel products? I never bought any of them new but I have picked up one or two in a thrift shop. Noreen Crone-Findlay has a review of the K-Tel Knitter, which I purchased in a thrift shop with a bag of sewing notions. Now I know what it is.


as well as an interview with crochet designer arty Miller.

Annie Modesitt is still looking for hats - so check it out, you still have a little bit of time.

How about a cowl vest by Caron?

Mary Sue's Crochet Newsletter is ready to read:

I love the Planet M Files blog. I love seeing all those cute crocheted guinea pigs lined up. Here's a free pattern for "Crochet Monkey Two" by Gayle of Plant M Files

I thought this was cute, an angel pig, just perfect for my sister-in-law for Christmas

This is a really cool crochet bag pattern by Kathy Merrick

Free e-book of crochet patterns. Nope, don't know anything about it, but it looks interesting

Check this out - crochet using embroidery thread. I had a girlfriend that did that back in high school. I think it's lovely and that means I got a lot more stash for crocheting than I previously did.

I've been looking for a pattern sort of like this - a crochet half moon bag

The Crafty Chameleon is showing what she is crocheting to adorn her clothes - pretty cool.All her flowers have names

"CrochetMe" and reading crochet diagrams

As usual, I do not get any compensation for mentioning these sites. I would be willing to be bribed, but heck, with my big winnings, I don't need bribery;)


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