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Monday, January 04, 2010

the first FM of the new decade

I hope you had a happy and safe new years celebration. We stayed home and ate chicken and noodles and watched TV. We didn't have anyone come over - my sons had to work the next day and my brother and sister-in-law planned a mini-vacation. So it was just the two of us watching Dick Clark and Ryan Secrest ring in 2010.

I generally don't make New Years Resolutions because I break them almost immediately. If I resolved to "breathe in and breath out", you can bet I'd do something stupid and mess it up. But I do plan to use more of my stash. I just used the Lion Brand thick, bulky yarn to make one of those square hats. I used an S hook, but probably could have used a larger one. I did use a much smaller hook to weave the ends in because I do not have a yarn needle that has an eye big enough to hold the yarn.
A very long time ago, B(efore) C(hildren) I would make a list of what I intended to crochet as gifts and such the first week of January. Obviously, I was more together at that time;) But I do intend to keep track of what I make. I'm just nosy that way

Here's something cute and colorful to brighten up the cold days of January (and it's been cold here) - dish clothes

Im my neck of the woods, it's a little too cold to think of wearing a shawl, unless you're wearing it underneath your coat. But it won't always be cold and not everybody is having this type of weather, so here's a shawl pattern

These are cute, but they look like they need a back to be warm. Here's some flower slippers

And here's a lovely rose slippers pattern -

I'm not fond of turtlenecks anymore, they seem to bother my throat. But this is a smashing turtleneck pattern so I might reconsider

This does not look like a granny square tunic - at least not in the traditional granny squares I tend to think of

I've never done any intarsia patterns, but I might try this one = spider intarsia pattern

As usual, nobody's paying me for telling you about these sites. I don't know why they don't, I guess payola is illegal;)

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