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Monday, February 01, 2010


In this neck of the woods, we got 7 inches of a "light dusting of snow". Plus it's _cold_, in the teens. Not exactly the most pleasant weather in the world. But being able to stay inside and drink tea and crochet is great:) I just hope the bulbs that are just to pop out of the ground don't freeze.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about the earthquake in Haiti. It will take _years_ for Haiti to get something close to normal. Etsy has a special section for selling items to benefit Haiti - it's called Hearts for Haiti and this is the site. Check it out:

I don't know if you follow the blog, "This Year's Dozen" but it's pretty cool. Chesk out the granny squares she's completed so far:

And along with the granny squares, here's a rainbow outline granny square pattern.

And just because February has Valentine's Day in it, here's a granny square heart pattern

And, of course, another heart pattern from Planet M Files:

Maybe you call your honey your "love monkey" (or maybe you don't). Either way, here's a cute amigurumi monkey pattern

And though I am freezing right now and can't think of what I'd use fingerless gloves for, this is still a very pretty pattern

How about trying out cables in a limited way - here's a crochet cable purse

And if your feet are freezing, here's some crocheted slippers

Another lovely pattern from Caron - a scarf - Pandores scarf

That all for me this week. I hope you are staying comfortable - not too cold and not too warm, just right. As usual, I don't get any favors for posting these links.


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