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Friday, September 17, 2010

more coral reefer madness

okay, deBBie, where in the world are you? I really want to send your book, but I need an address....please contact me...

I turned in 17 pieces of crochet coral reef to the Smithsonian last Sunday. They had Margaret Wertheim there to discuss how the installation will go, where it will be in the Smithsonian (the museum with the big elephant). It was pretty cool...
Anyway, here's some more coral reef I did
large striped coral
all the coral reef together
hairy coral
Dazzle coral

so there is some more of it. The first one I posted in my last post, the green one, escaped the fate of the others - it was hiding in the dryer with the dryer ball. I ran it thru the dryer on air to dehair it...

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