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Friday, July 01, 2011

on the hook

I haven't crocheted for a while. Not for lack of yarn or patterns, I am just determined to finish a project (a filet lion curtain) before I start a new one. It sounds very noble but it's actually been a work in progress for over a year. I am 19 rows in to a 55 row piece. I am using worsted weight cotton yarn, so it is a rather large piece.  I was within 10 rows of having it finished and I found a mistake in row 20 that made me rips out those rows. I reworked the piece and again came within 10 rows of finishing and found a mistake in my old friend row 20 and of course I ripped it out again. If I ever make it past row 19 and I find a mistake in row 20, I am not going to rip it out again. If it takes me that long to find the  mistake, I am going to just fudge it so it will work. I had intended to finish it by May 1, 2011 and here it is July 1, 2011.
My difficulty with this particular project is because I don't normally do filet crochet, I get lost. I can't watch TV when I'm working on it because I am not paying enough attention to the pattern. And considering that TV is my normal evening entertainment, you can see how there would be a conflict. It's goofy not to crochet _anything_ and than not make the time to work on the project that's bugging me. And I've made a panel before, so it's not like it's a brand new pattern to me. I just need to sit my butt down and work on the curtain.
So hopefully I get the fingers flying and finish this piece. It is plucking my nerves by not being finished, but I will finish it so I can go on to other projects, Preemies need hats, I need to donate some squares and of course (as always) there are patterns I want to accomplish. So wish me luck cos I need it.

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DaCraftyLady said...

this is so pretty my mom made two for the holidays and I hang them every year with thoughts of her...true TV can sometimes cause us to lose concentration and lose thougtht what we are doing, sometimes putting it down and picking t up again refreshes us...