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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Crochet Horoscopes 2012 Part 1 of 2

I start off this post as I always do - this post in no way reflects my beliefs in astrology, astronomy and astronauts. This horoscope is just for fun, don't take it seriously. If perhaps something works out the way I have written, I'd be just as surprised as you would be.
So without further ado, here is my 2012 Crochet Horoscope

Aries March 21-April 19

Aries, you can be a stubborn one, but you've heard that many times by now. But it may be time to break loose of your fixed ways because some good stuff is coming your way. Maybe it's a terrific yarn sale, maybe it's a design you have created has really taken off. Or maybe it's something else you have always wanted and never thought would happen to you. Any way it shakes out, be open to the new experience and enjoy the rush of excitement you get from stepping outside your own self-imposed limitations. The first half of 2012 should be intense for you, but the second half of 2012 allows you to focus on making your dreams a reality.

Taurus April 20-May 20
This year is not going to start off like a ball of fire for you, but it will slowly increase in intensity. You will spend much of your time in the first part of the year working on your new crochet creations. There will be some big changes coming for you in terms of your crocheting and it will get hectic starting about May 2012. Make sure you're not staying up way past bedtime crocheting that particular piece. Or at least have a warm human/cat/dog/bunny (your pick) to cuddle up to as you're burning the midnight oil.

Gemini May 21-June 20
Usually you work very hard to achieve your goals. This year, your will still work hard, but around June 2012, it becomes easier for you. You will get in the "zone" with your crocheting - your fingers will fly over the yarn. But you have to fine tune your goals. For example, it may be a tad ambitious for you to decide you will self publish 100 hat patterns. If you focused on maybe 20 hat patterns, you will be able to polish the patterns to perfection. This focus will have a long term effect that may not be completely realized for two years. Don't stress about it, take it slowly and easily to meet your goals

Cancer May 21-June 20
The first half of 2012, you will meet (over the internet or through a chat group or perhaps at in a real life setting) that will influence the way you view crochet. Maybe it's somebody that needs your help to proofread a pattern or make up a sample. Maybe it's somebody who has seen your work and wants to order something extra special. There will be some difficulties along the way with this process, but you are used to working through difficulties. As long as you trust your gut, you will be able to suss out the hard parts. You can definitely achieve a lot in crochet land this year as long as you step up to the plate.

Leo July 23-August 22
Believe it or not, things will be a bit easier this year. The first half of the year you will be offered opportunities you didn't know existed in crochet land. But you will have to take your time in picking the right option for you. Do you really want to spend your time making samples? Would you rather sell your own crocheted goods? You'll have to think long and hard about what interests you. You will also need to have a rough idea of the plan you are going to use to get you to your goal. You don't have to go that part alone - you'll be able to ask your crocheting buddies and they will help you decide how to proceed. This will bring you closer to your crocheting friends and also help build a support group for all involved. And that will be terrific.

Virgo August 23-September 22
This will be a year for you to learn new skills.The new techniques will come easier for you this year than at previous times. Choose wisely as the choice will impact the second half of 2012. This is also a year for you to build up a circle for fiber friends. You can try the various social media available (I like Facebook, but Ravelry is so much better for fiber fanatics.) Some of them will help you develop the new techniques and some will have opportunities for you to display and perhaps sell your crocheted goods. October will be a very busy month for you. Suddenly, whatever technique you have been working on will be hotter than July. Don't burn yourself out trying to take all the inquiries that will come your way. Think carefully about what you want to achieve with your crocheting and find the opportunity with the best fit for you.

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Becky said...

New to your blog but oh you got me hooked (pun intended)! I laughed out loud with your horoscopes! So unique and cute!!
I'll drop by more often.