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Saturday, June 16, 2012

scrips and scraps

yes, I have been crocheting. No, I have not finished my curtain yet. I have been working on preemie hats - they are easy to do while watching TV.

I came across this article about the crochet hyperbolic reefs and how it relates to feminism. I never would have thought of that one, but here's the link.
Definitely something to ponder.

I am starting to buy yarn more online than in the stores. The biggest reason is because it's easy to get the colors I want. I wanted a skein of Ebony Lion Brand Microspun and a skein of Lily White Lion Brand Microspun. That's it. So I ventured to the store, after checking online to make sure they had that particular brand of yarn. Guess what, they did not. They didn't have any Microspun at all. I'm sure they have something else I could use, but I already have black and white yarn at home if I was going to use my stash. So I didn't buy any yarn at all (I know, hard to believe). I checked online and found what I wanted. Even with the shipping and handling, it's still about the same price it would have cost retail. So yay me;)

I received my copy of this week. It is beautifully photographed and so colorful. I happen to really like Tammy Hildebrandt's "Kaleidascope" afghan - I'd change the colors to a colorway I liked better. But that's me. I should do a review of it.....

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