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Friday, September 28, 2012

Funeral for a friend

In about a half a hour, I will going to a funeral for a friend, Daisy Shore. I've known her about 50 years. Yes, she was older than I am. Yes, I knew she was ill. No, it doesn't make her death any easier to take. Daisy is the mother of a girl (Sharon) I knew in elementary school. She's about a year younger than I am, so we never had a class together. But I was secretary of the Red Cross group we had at the elementary school. We met a few times a month, I think. She was the volunteer (?not exactly sure about that) from her class. And she lived right across the street from me. Somehow, along the way it was Daisy who I felt closer to than Sharon. Weird, but that sort of thing happens. Daisy was interesting to me because she did a lot of handwork. My mom had embroidered prior to my birth, but with 6 kids,a full time job, and her volunteer work, she had little time for anything. And even if she did want to teach me, I wouldn't have listened. I was a _teenager_. Those of you that have/have had teenagers know what I mean. My older sister Bee gave me the foundations of crocheting as well as knitting and embroidery. But she got busy with her future husband, so Bee had no time to help me with crocheting or embroidering. (I never cared for knitting, seems too slow). And this is the part that Daisy filled in. I sometimes could not figure out a stitch diagram in my life. Some made absolutely no sense to me. Daisy, having lots more experience) could help me understand the strange new world I had wandered into. So after homework, supper and chores were done, I'd go visit Daisy. And we would drink tea and talk about anything and everything in the world. Sometimes it was stitches or how something was worked out. Sometimes (lots of times) we'd eat her delicious baking.It was always easy, pleasant and fun. Daisy was the kind of person the world needs more of - funny, friendly, smart and compassionate. Although I know that love goes beyond the grave, that what was buried today is just the earthly form of Daisy, it's difficult to wrap my head around it. I've had too many losses and each subsequent loss feels like another weight to my heart. But I think for tonight (and a lot of days and nights after this), I will sit down with a cup of tea and crochet. And that way I can honor and treasure her memory while soothing myself.

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