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Monday, July 04, 2005

How can it be July already?

That's what I'm wondering, how did it get here so _quick_? I'm not ready.

Anyway, I have been working more than usual and only been working on scrunchies and preemie hats. Not the most exciting thing in the world, I'll admit, but I'm stitching along.

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Currently Lion Brand Yarn is running a comtest to pick a new slogan for their coffee mugs. The current one is "So much yarn, so little time" or something along that line. It's a good one. If you submit a winning slogan, you get $100 worth of Lion Brand merchandise. (and if you win, I will cry _real_tears;))I wish I could think of a great slogan, but my mind is like old applesauce right now. $100 worth of Lion Brand merchadise, I think I'd have a hard time stopping at $100. I used the "Thick and Quick" chenille to make a poncho, it is _great_. (No, I don't get a kickback from them.)

Luckily, I got quite a stash of yarn, so even if I don't win, I can continue to crochet. When I was _much_ younger, I didn't have much of a stash and would have to rip stuff out so I could crochet again. There is something very soothing about crocheting, the repetition of the stitches, the smoothness of the hook - and the texture of the fabric that is being created. When I work on preemie hats, it's as if my hands are on automatic and the hat gets created without a lot of conscious thought on my part. It wasn't that way when I first started making them - with any new pattern I have to get used to the stitches and the shaping. But now, it's almost like a meditation to create the stitches.

I even find looking at yarn catalogs soothing. Reading about the various fibers and the colors makes me think about different projects I could make. This, believe or not, helps me sleep at night. I don't fret about the price of the yarn - mostly because I know I'm unlikely to buy it unless it's on sale;) And I think one of the best jobs in the world has to be naming the yarn - there's "Manhattan", "Paris" and "Moonglow" among others. I don't know how they come up with the names - if the particular names actually are related to the yarn or just the advertising department's creations. But they are fun to contemplate.

And I just remembered I was supposed to write down a pattern for somebody, something I was playing with......


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