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Thursday, July 07, 2005

a lot on Ebay about crochet stuff

Sooner or later, if you're surfing the internet, you will happen upon Ebay. Ebay is loaded with things to purchase, but I'm going to talk about crochet stuff to buy.I have purchased a lot of great crocheting items and have had no problems so far. (no, I get no kickback from Ebay or the products I'm mentioning.)

If you're looking for a fancy crochet hook, there are plenty available. There's specialty hooks that are beautiful - Graydog Hooks, Clark Carved Hooks, Sonshapes Hooks, SilverGoose Hooks, UnclePawPaw hooks, BearCrazyMan hooks, AJ's One of a Kind hooks and Sharky hooks just to name a few. These are hand turned hooks, decorated with such things as lampwork beads, cats, bears and fish just to name a few. I don't own any of these (yet) but they are gorgeous looking.

Or maybe you're looking for the mass production hooks - you're also in luck. They have Boyes hooks, Susan Bates hooks, Lion Brand hooks, Coats and Clark hooks, Brittany hooks and Aero hooks just to name a few. Looking for a hairpin lace fork or afghan hooks - Ebay is likely to have them.

But_before_ you bid the grocery money on the hooks, take a close look at the description. Are you bidding for _one_ hook or all the hooks that are in the photo? Is this a hook that you may not be able to get locally or maybe it would cost more locally? Check the seller's description carefully. SOme people make the mistake of lumping knitting needles in with crochet hooks. That's fine if you want both, but if you only get 2 hooks out out a 15 "hook" offer, you may be disappointed. You also want to make sure you're not getting 15 size 10 steel hooks as opposed to 15 different size steel hooks.

I can't help you on the "vintage" hooks. I know nothing about them and so I don't buy them. If that's your interest, check out the description for dates and manufacturers' names. That way you have an idea of how "vintage" the hook is.

Be sure you check the postage and handling. A $1.25 hook isn't such a great bargain if you're paying $8.50 to have it shipped. And sometimes the sale is restricted to a particular country - some people won't ship overseas.

Last but not least, check the seller's feedback. You'll get an idea of how long the person has been selling and if the person is prompt in sending out orders. Remember a lot of times the "Ebay store" is a "mom and pop" type of operation, they don't have dozens of employees just sitting around waiting for your order. All the sellers I have dealt with have been very good - most of the sellers on Ebay are good. But if you do have a problem, try emailing your seller _first_ with your concern. THe package may on the way to you, if you contact the seller you will know when it was shipped. By contacting the seller directly, you can make sure there wasn't a problem with the package.

So now you have to excuse me. They have some fantastic yarn (all sorts - silk sari yarn, Berocco, Lion Brand, Paton, Red Heart, Caron...and more) on Ebay I want to get.

Have fun!

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