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Thursday, July 06, 2006

the best laid plans

I am going to the CGOA conference in King of Prussia for "one day only" next Thursday and coming back to Baltimore on Friday. I had _thought_ I would whip up some fabulous crochet things that would make all the people at the conference stop and go "wow". I'm not sure where I was supposed to find the time or exactly what I was supposed to do. I started working on a bag, didn't like it, took it apart. Started on another bag, didn't like that, took it apart. You're getting the picture;)
It occured to me that I would have to produce something pretty amazing to even be noticed - after all, _everybody_ else is thinking the same thing and trying to produce something striking for people to notice. It also occured to me that I don't have any time to produce anything, especially if I keep ripping out what I'm doing.
Plus, another thing to think about is that if I am busy talking to somebody about my amazing creation, somebody else will be scooping up the cool yarn. I mean, let's get real, you can't act interested in a conversation and be checking out the yarn that's calling your name in the other aisle. So while nobody will comment on how _really_ cool that bag is that's going to have the fish / mermaid theme, I will be able to get _more_ yarn. I guess there is some reward for indecision, after all.

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