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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yvette's dress

I got this photo from someplace else. I met Yvette at the CGOA conference in the lobby. She was wearing a granny square tank top and busily working on the dress in this picture. She used Sugar & Cream and Casual Cotton (or is it "cotton casual" - it's by Coats & Clarks). She had intended to make it a big longer than it turned out, but was so busy, didn't get a chance.

What they didn't show of her ensemble was even _cooler_. She took a pair of high heels that had a clear plastic strap across the part of the foot where the toes meet the foot. She carefully cut the plastic and used a hole punch to put small holes in so she could crochet an embelishment. She used gold yarn (metallic) for that, it was _really_ cool looking. Plus if the shoes are a bit too tight, that's a great help. I thought that was so cool I am considering doing that to a pair of sandals that are just a hair too snug. But I got to finger out the yarn to use, the sandals are a pale blue...

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