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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the upcoming worldwide yarn shortage;)

Obviously, it _has_ to be coming. Just one look at my closet stuffed full of totes with yarn in them is the obvious clue. I wouldn't just be hoarding this yarn, would I? The aliens must be planning to land and somehow destroy all the yarn manufacturing plants. I will be prepared because I will have plenty of yarn. I could probably insulate my house with this yarn, but it would make it difficult to get at easily. I tend to be an archaologist when it comes to my yarn and I like to dig thru the totes (or bags).
And I got at least _4_ afghans started, in various stages, in bags. One is a granny square type, using Caron's purple varigated yarn. That seems to have been dropped midstitch. The hook is still in the afghan, there's no effort to have slipped a stitch holder on it, so I can only guess the aliens were going to attack and I wanted to be ready.
The truth of the matter, more likely, is I was doing some cleaning for family to come to my house and I just bagged the project up to get it out of the way. I also have a ripple afghan project that I started to be able to show my cousin how it was done. I still haven't shown her (she lives in VA and I live in MD.) There is a huge stack of granny squares from an exchange I was in. At least those particular squares are on a huge stitch holder.
As you can guess, I've been doing some fall cleaning. But one thing I can tell you - if there's a shortage of almost any type of yarn, I got it covered. (I don't have too much of the more expensive stuff, however. But if you want acrylics, I'm your woman.)
I have at least _6_ skeins of Red Heart's Mexacali. Now I _love_ that yarn, I'm a fool for varigated yarn, but what were my plans for it? A colorful afghan or poncho, maybe a strange toy. Nope, I just bought it on sale. At least, I _hope_ I bought it on sale;). Lion Brand Homespun - got that, too in some lucious colors. I could easily make a few scarves and hats with that for gifts. Lion Brand's Wool-Ease, Red Heart's "Soft" and Bernat's and Paton's....okay, I'm sure you get the point. Surprisingly (to me), I don't have as much of the baby yarn (Jamie, Red Heart, etc) as I thought I did, but I have been working on baby caps. I even got the self striping sock yarn I wanted to make a scarf with, just to see how it stripes, but I haven't gotten around to it. I wonder how that would look as a baby hat?
It wasn't always like this for me. I spent a lot of time taking apart a project and redoing it, not out of a desire for perfection, but due to a serious lack of yarn. I would got from week to week buying the yarn, hoping there would be the right dye lot and color to finish the project. Once, at Woolworth's, I bought 100 skeins of yarn (when Woolworth's was going out of business), much to my younger son's embarassment. They were selling the sport weight yarn at 10 cents a skein, so it was very easy to buy 100 skeins. I've used most of that up over the years, but I still have to laugh when I think about buying all that yarn. I bet Paris Hilton doesn't have that big a thrill when she goes shopping;)
I'm not quite sure of what all of this means. I'm trying to organize what I got so I can make better use of it. It's a pain in the butt for me to know I got that green yarn, but where in the heck did I put it. I wish I had been born more organized instead of so darned cute;)
I'll continue working on it and hopefully finish up some of those works in progress. I have a jacket I made for myself that seems like it would work in the planning stage, but the execution didn't. It's much too heavy to wear for any length of time. This is entirely my fault as I used two strands of yarn while crocheting it and the pattern called for _1_ strand of yarn. Good in theory, but didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to. I am debating if I want to take it apart or not - and that would give me *shudder* more yarn. Maybe I should practice the statement - "My name is Robin and I am a yarnoholic".


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Anonymous said...

Hey Robin, do me a favor please? When the aliens get to your house, give me a call if you get a minute? I'm sure they'll come to my house very shortly after that!
Donna (from the CP list)