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Sunday, September 30, 2007

October 1 freebie Monday

I have one for you today, the "Happy Yellow House". There is a lot of free crochet patterns listed and it's also a mailing list. She even states you can sell the completed item _BUT_ not the pattern itself. I love the name "Happy Yellow House". For a part of my childhood, my parents house was yellow. (Later it was formstone, but hey, that's Baltimore for you.)

Another mailing list I like is "Knitting Daily". Yes, I did say "Knitting Daily". There's a few reasons why - sometimes it has crochet patterns/info and some of the things discussed about knitting can be used for crochet. For instance, Sandi Wiseheart did a column called "The Four Knitting Truths". It could be called sewing truths or crochet truths because it would fit those catagories, also. She explains how to measure yourself properly for a garment. If you're planning to make apparel, this advice is essential. There is also a later article dealing with lining a knitted bag. That info can be used to line a crocheted bag.

Suppose you feel like a quick to make pattern, something you could wear tomorrow or give as a gift - here's one for you - earrings.
Crafty Crafty - http://www.craftycrafty.tv/


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