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Monday, September 24, 2007

some more freebies

It's Monday (again) and almost the end of my busiest time of the month at work. So hopefully I will be posting a few more things this week.

However, it's Freebie Monday, so here we go:

You may (or may not) remember the "Blythe" dolls. The most distinctive thing about them (to me) were their large eyes. I vaguely remember one of my younger sisters having one. There's whole communities devoted to them. Here's a link to make a crochet cupcake hat for the doll. It could be adapted for a child or even an adult. Good thing my kids aren't little anymore;) Wait, maybe I'll make one to wear for Halloween at work;)


You're probably thinking "I'm _way_ more sophisticated than _that_. Show me something I can use." and here's one for you - a tutorial on a beaded crochet bracelet. I think it looks pretty cool but I'm also the one thinking of wearing a cupcake hat.

Jewelry Making - http://jewelrymaking.craftgossip.com

For the more fashionable aware among you, here's something to look at - a pair of tall crocheted boots. Nope, not a pattern, but a finished pair by Ugg. It's about $120 and pretty cool but pricey (to me - especially since I hate wearing boots). I'm not endorsing them, but I'm sure some enterprising designer can figure out hot make a pair of crocheted boots.

Stylehive - Recent Bookmarks - http://www.stylehive.com

No, no kickbacks for me from any of these folks - just letting you know what's out there besides me.

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