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Monday, January 07, 2008

fm 1/7/08

I'm a bit discomboobalated here, it's hard for me to believe it's January 7, 2008 already...

Here's a good star to the New Year with New Years Resolutions

Want to see some fantastic freeform crochet? You must check out this site.

And to head off in 2008!
a _very_ expensive hat - approximately $5810.17 USD as of the quote I got _today_. I don't see what the attraction of the hat is, but if somebody's spending that kind of cash for a hat, I'm more than willing to make a few ugly hats myself.

and more New Year's Resolutions
Yarn, Crochet and New Year
I haven't posted my New Year's resolutions (or much of anything else) but really, I'll do it.( It will give my beloved something to laugh at when he reads it. Especially the stuff about "reducing the stash". I hope he's not drinking coffee at that point.)

Origami angels of peace and healing-Links
Not crochet related, but who couldn't use peace and healing in their lives?
M's Crone-Findlay's work is always so great.

and speaking of M's Crone-Findlay's work:
Second Chance Contest
This is for the doll she was giving away in December (I think). And don't use my theme "I wish I had a second chance to buy a winning lottery ticket";)

Remember the "Island of Misfit Toys"?
Advice for that misfit doll
Bizarre title but interesting perspective on charity crochet.

Want to join a "crochet-along"? Here's one for granny squares:
Happy 2008!

I thought these old fashioned potholders patterns were pretty cool. I doubt I'd make mine in thread, but it would still be neat to have them in cotton. If I ever had my own tea shop / bakery, I'd display that sort of stuff and sell it.
Vintage Crochet Potholders Pattern - Free Download

That's it for this week. Hopefully, I will become undiscomboobalated by next week & post the yearly horoscope and such. I have a small part of it done, but I must look deep into my crystal ball to see what 2008 brings for the crocheters ;)

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