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Monday, January 14, 2008

Freebie Monday

Do you like the look of the pinwheel coasters? Here's a pattern you will want to check out:

Have you ever felt like you need to see somebody do something before you get the hang of it? Sometimes I do. And there's not always another crocheter around when you need him/her. So here's a cool site that actually shows you a video of a scarf being created:

One of my favorite sites, Purple Kitty is offering free vintage potholder patterns. These are so cool looking.

Wondering what you can do with all the soda can tabs you've saved? You have to drink 6 sodas (or collect them from other folks) to create a flower:

This article is interesting about a 3D crochet installation - but sorry, no pix.

Can your "action style" (from Oprah) determine how to crochet (or anything else for that matter)? you may want to check this out. I think I'm more of a "combination" person myself.
As always, Noreen Crone-Findlay always has something exciting going on in her blog. This entry tells you how to crochet a wire mermaid necklace. I like the way it looks, but I think I'll pass until my tendons decide to settle down a bit.

I was sort of looking for a hat pattern for my older sister. She is losing her hair (nope, I don't know why) and of course, she's cold. She doesn't like a lot of fussiness, so I thought this pattern might be perfect for her cold head - a crocheted skull cap

If you live in or around Pittsburgh, you might already know about this event. Part of me _really_ wants to go to check out all the cool stuff. The other part of me thinks "Are you _crazy_? They will probably have a snowstorm that weekend!". So I'd have to say right now I'm not planning to go, but it definitely sounds appealing to me.

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