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Sunday, February 17, 2008

FM 2/18/08

I got a little mix of sites for you for Presidents Day

A lot of areas are banning paper and plastic bags. Here's another tutorial on how to make bags out of the plastic grocery bags you already have:
Apparently there is a lot of call for this bag. Here's an article from a woman who recycles plastic (as well as cloth) for bags and sells them. The article states the plastic bags go for about $100 a bag.

Just because it's February doesn't mean winter is over for the northern hemisphere. (of course, for the sothern hemisphere, it's summer). So just in case you're tired of the hat and scarf you have been wearing or maybe your kids have lost their hats or scarves, here's a site for you:
Click here: Free Hat and Scarf Patterns
Maybe a little more ruffly suits you?

*wow* when I seen this site, I was ready to sign up for a trip in that past of the country. I never was particularly interested in going there before, but the factory outlet of Wrights - maker of my favorite hooks? Oh yes, sign me up. They do sell over the internet, but that can't be as much fun as oohin and ahhing over all the goodies.
Click here: Wrights® Info/Help - Factory Outlet - About the Factory Outlet

I've made 3 round ripples so far, all different patterns. This site has round ripple patterns I have never seen before - various numbers of points, a reall cool one where the points get made into another set of points. (I know it doesn't make any sense, but you really do have to see it to appreciate it.)

Interested in making a madela in tapestry crochet? Here's a site about it:

You've heard this joke before and so have I, but I never heard the crocheted doll variation.
Crochet Doll Collection

This isn't crochet related but if you got a candy heart this year and you're wondering what to do with the package (what, you still have chocolate?), this is a cute idea.

You've probably made one granny afghan or may one hundred. Here's a way to make a rectangle granny afghan. I haven't tried it yet, but the next time I make a granny afghan, this is the one I am trying.

Here are some free crochet patterns for you. The "Suncatcher Eyes" look great and I'll let you know how they are in person when I get my order.

Are you a fan of Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman? Or maybe Butters or Timmy is your favorite character? Here is a "South Park" homage in yarn:
South Park Tunisian Crochet Afghan

Here are some free crochet patterns from Coats and Clarks, always interesting to check out:

Maybe you'd prefer a one eyed critter to make? My sons would have loved this when they were little.
It's Fun To Crochet A Muno Amigurumi, And That's How You Do It

You've heard about the use of "preformance enhancing drugs" (steroids and human growth hormone) being used in baseball. But steroids and crochet? Say it isn't so;)

If you're thinking about starting a wire crochet project, this appears to be a cool easy one - a crocheted wire pendant. You can do a small project to see how you like it before you commit to a larger project:

As usual, I do not receive kickbacks from these sites or businesses. I'd take them;) but nobody offers them to me.

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They should give you kick backs! I think I clicked so much my fingers need a rest! :P Thanks for sharing!