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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FM 2/25/08

okay, so I'm a day late (and a dollar short;))

Do you happen to have a pattern that uses the Bristish sizing for hooks and you're wondering - do I have this hook? Here's the place to go for the conversion:

Toast is great - it can be breakfast or a little something for the rumbly tummy. Growing up, toast and tea cured almost everything. But I've never seen a toast purse (complete with pat of butter) until now. It's cute.

But maybe you prefer cookies - Oreo to be specific. I think these are cool and I don't even like Oreo cookies. Plus you don't have to worry about the "proper" way to eat them (middle first of the whole cookie). Yes, crocheting food is a little silly, but if you can't have fun with your crochet, what can you have fun with? Here you go.

I'm not a tatoo person. I'm not scared of the needle (however, the cost makes me wince) but I'm just not into them for myself. But they are some cool craft tats. No crochet ones, but there's a sewing machine as well as a knitting tat.

Do you want to make a little girl (12-24 months) a pretty spring dress? Here's a pattern for you:

Or maybe it's time for a new hat? This lovely beret is very impressive, especially with the bow:

Do you need a refresher course in crocheting? Or maybe you just want to watch somebody eles's technique? Check this out

As always, no kickbacks.

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