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Sunday, March 02, 2008

FM 3/3/08

If you have crocheted for any length of time, you know the patterns of Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss. Here is their new website:

March is National Crochet Month and this blogger has some great ideas for it:

I've only sold in 1 craft show and that was a very long time ago. My sister keeps trying to convince me to try again, but I don't know - the timing never seems to be right. But this is a blog definitely worth reading if you're interedted in doing craft shows:

You've got that sweatshirt you were going to paint, but the paints are all dried up and you really don't want to invest more money in fabric paint. I hear you. So check this pattern out:

I thought this was totally cool. a Betty Boop pot holder. My youngest sister is a Betty Boop fan.

Here's an Irish crochet pattern for a shamrock. You could make a pin with it.

Just learning how to crochet or need a little help? Here's a site for you:

Tetris is my favorite video game. I started what I called a "Tetris blanket" but ended up making the run of the mill granny afghan with my pieces. But I still have more granny squares, so this looks pretty cool to me.

Easter is March 23 this year - you might want to crochet the Easter eggs for the hunt just in case the hunt is called on account of snow. You definitely don't want hard boiled eggs sitting in your yard for a few weeks.

Here's a cool belt pattern for those of you who want to emphasize your waistline;)

This is a great blog that deals with probably the most ignored stitch in crochet, the slip stitch.

You can read a Stephen Kingish type story and learn how to crochet an axe at this webstie.

This is a crochet along that should be perfect for lots of people, including me - "Small Crochet", where it's okay to make those little toys:

As usual, no kickbacks. _enjoy_

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