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Sunday, April 13, 2008

fm April 14, 2007

I know in some parts of the world it's almost time to ditch the socks and go to sandals - but come on, socks are small and easy to carry with you project, so here's an easy sock pattern.

Want to see a crocheted swimsuit? This is cute.

Carol Ventura does fantastic tapestry crochet - and if you like cats, this is perfect for you.

A new edition of the Essentia newsletter (Black Purl) for your reading pleasure.

This looks like a really cool exhibit if you plan to be in the Pittsburgh area anytime before the end of June, 2008.

Here's a cute pair of earrings from Roxycraft:

Since in some places it's getting warmer, here's a lovely lace top to crochet.

Lady Linoleum always has wonderful offbeat handwork on her blog. I love the lobsters on this shawl, but I love how lobsters _look_. They just make me laugh. I have no idea why.
Lobster Bake Shawl

Looking for a new fence for the yard? This is a beautiful fence (not crocheted, but I still thought it was cool). Really cool.

Lots of free reading this week - a new issue of "Crochet Insider"

This looks like a great place to check out crochet toys:

Starch?! I didn't know anyone used liquid starch anymore, I thought my mom used the world's supply on my petticoats and my dad's boxers.....
Cute little caterpillar pattern:

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