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Sunday, April 27, 2008

FM 4/28/08

Do you have a small doll that needs some clothes? This might be a good place to look for patterns.

I have made many, many afghans made of motifs - as I'm sure most crocheters do. Here's an easier way to join all thoise motifs.

Want to try some freeform for a good cause - breast cancer.

Krenik (to me) is better known for their embroidery thread. But here's some crochet patterns for their various projects:
Click here: Kreinik Manufacturing Co., Inc. :: Freebies :: Crochet & Knitting

Here's a new fashion crochet magazine that debuts June 15, 2008:

Crochet (as well as knit) patterns by yarn type:

The hyperbolic crochet reef project visits New York.

Here's a Scandinavian snow white bikini for the (relatively) short Scanfinavian summer.

Want to make a hackey sack? Here you go:

This is a pattern for a natural alternative for plastic pants that cover diapers. Definitely better than plastic pants.

Ready for a crochet talk show - with the "cheerleader for crochet" Dee Stanizano?
Crochet and Dee Staniziano

The "crochet dude", Drew Emborsky, has a free afghan pattern posted, based on Frank Lloyd Wright's work.
Drew Emborsky also has a book coming out later this year, "The Crochet Dude Designs For Guys".

Need an oven towel? I do. Here's a tutorial for one:

Sometimes, I need to see a stitch being worked to really understand it. This tutorial for the diagonal box stitch is good.

It doesn't have anything to do with crochet, but it's a little something to think about:

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