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Monday, May 05, 2008

Freebie Monday 5/5/08

Want a pattern for a daisy square that "pops out" at you? Try this 3D granny square.

Around Baltimore, it's that weird sort of weather - cool in the mornings and evenings, but warmish during the day. A shawl is the perfect solution for that inbetween weather:

You need to check this site out - she makes amazingly cool amigurimi toys and this pattern shows you how to make a human figure:

I have to tell you I never really noticed Bonnie Pierce's name until the 2006 "Crochet Pattern a Day" calendar. I had seen her work before, but that calendar showcased her amazing talent with a roll (bullion) stitch. This site has patterns for a few of her squares and her work is so beautiful, I want to make one of everything. So far, I haven't but I definitely want to work a few of these squares into an afghan:

Need a pattern for a small bag? This is a quick pattern to work up:

This pattern is from a 1972 "McCall's Needlework". I remember the magazine well....this is "groovy";)

This site is about making "Izzy dolls" to give away. It has both crochet and knit patterns. The story behind the dolls is very powerful, please check it out:

I have been working on a crocheted rainbow afghan for my nephew. He put the request in at Easter, I guess to give me lots of time to make it. I had debated on how to make the double bed size afghan. Right now, I'm thinking of going with a quilt sort of look. I really didn't want to do a double bed side ripple or make a ton of little motifs to sew together. I am almost finished the orange section (I already finished red), so that just gives me 5 more sections to finish and put together. At the present rate of work, I think I should be done in about 6 weeks. At least, I'm hoping to have it done in 6 weeks;) I'll see how it goes once I have more of the color sections done.

I love mystery books. I skipped Nancy Drew completely and went straight away to the Agatha Christie novels. I loved "The Cat Who...." books, the P.D. James books and the Diane Mott Davidson's books with the recipes in them. But now I am currently waiting for Amazon to deliver a crochet mystery book to me. It's called " Hooked on Murder" by Betty Hechtman. I don't know anything about it, but since there are quilt and knit mysteries out, it's about time for a crochet mystery book. I'll let you know how I like it after I read it.

As usual, I receive no kickbacks from any of the sites or products mentioned. I can be bought, but apparently no one wants to buy me;)


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Dear lady, you have the wrong link for the Izzy dolls. Do you still have the correct link somewhere?