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Monday, July 21, 2008

FM 7/21/08

I'm back, tanned, rested and ready;) Actually it's more like pale, achy & tired, but what's new about that? The surgery went okay, but I am still recuperating. My first day back home from the hospital I tried to read the new issue of "Crochet World" and I couldn't make sense of the dc and sc and ch 3 but now I think I'm back in regards to crochet. I've made 2 bags and some scrunchies and I took apart a video tape ("Something To Talk About" in case you're wondering) to start to crochet. I wasn't too happy with the results so far, perhaps I need a smaller hook. Enough about me, here's some stuff for you to check out...

This is a chainless half double crochet tutorial. Some folks don't care for the half double crochet, but I like it.

Some people are clever enough to see crochet supplies all around them. This person demonstrates that going to the local hardware store can be sort of like crochet supply shopping.

Need a wristband? I'm thinking about modifying it a bit for a wrist support.....the one I made and left at work decided it wanted to live elsewhere so it grew legs and ran off.....

Between recuperation and the heat, it's hard for me to keep a thought in my head, but this one occurred to me: Can a crocheted monster win against a rubber toy? See for yourself.

This is a cute crocheted baby blanket, the designer calls it "Jasie". Pretty cool.

I don't know quite how to describe this pattern, I'll say "star flower" because that's what it looks like to me. Neat afghan idea.

Yeah, it's hot where I am. But since I have a bit of free time between watching Jerry and Oprah;) I can work on a cardigan for the fall.

I hope I didn't post this one already, I seem to have a thing for crocheted cupcake patterns/

Here's a 9 point star afghan. I'm not sure where the round afghan trend started, but I do like the star ones.

Maybe you could use a small change purse, just enough to store your quarters for the soda / coffee machine at work. Here's a cool pattern for one.

And of course, I'm jump on the "Batman" bandwagon to promote my blog;) I doubt I'll make $158 million (which is what I think "The Dark Knight" took in on opening weekend) but hey, let's give it a shot, you never know;).... I thought this bat filet pattern could be adapted to a scarf for folks who like bats.

Or Maybe you'd prefer a "bat banner".....

And finally, for those of you who can't make the CGOA conference, here's somebody that is going to report from the floor of the conference. I'd love to be there, but not the way I feel now....and with maybe Donald Trump's credit card. I could rent one of those mobility scooter things and buy a _lot_ of yarn and supplies.
Click here: Hobbies online radio shows and crochet internet talk radio by Getting Loopy! with Mary Beth Temple | BlogTalkRadio

As usual, no payments were given for mention in this blog. But in case in the weird chance somebody would _want_ to give me payola, I'd probably take it;)


deBBie said...

I enjoyed the links on your site! Thanks! I saw your question on crochet partners and am not sure of protocol but I will see if i can add your link to my blog. If you would like to add mine it is www.debbittybears.blogspot.com
love, deBBie

Sharon said...

Thank you for all the links! I enjoyed browsing. I love the cardighan designed by Drew, but, alas, I'm afraid I don't fit in to even the "Large" size. :-( But I might try that baby blanket--it looks nice and "squishy-soft!"

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