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Monday, January 12, 2009

FM 1/12/09

Hello again. I'm back with your weekly dose of free crochet patterns. Here you go:

It's not _that_ cold here today, but according to the Weather Channel, it will be pretty cold (for the MD area) this weekend. So here are some crocheted polar bears that should feel right at home in my neck of the woods.

And now for something completely different, a mini mokona

Apparently you can use tiny crocheted sweaters to cover your keys so they don't scratch up your purse's contents - or as an ornament. Here are two tiny sweater patterns.
and two:
Of course, talking about the cold means it's time for mittens

Perhaps you're not in a cold area. So here's a pin cushion pattern for you.

Another cute preemie hat pattern:

And Moonglow has two coaster patterns this time - a shamrock coaster
and a Valentine's coaster

And Maggie Weldon is giving away some of her wonderful crochet patterns available as a download:

And in case you won't be able to make it to Washington, DC for the inauguration, you could always make your own President Obama - courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn.
and you could probably modify the Senator McCain finger puppet to look like Vice President Biden

As usual, I get no paybacks for listing these items. The economy is tough and it's hard for a hooker out here;)

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