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Monday, June 22, 2009

FM 6/22/09

Summer has begun and I got the poison ivy to show for it;) It's a short one today, folks, as I got to get myself together for the rest of "crunch time" at work. Seems like that's every week....

I have 2 inspirations here for you, I thought they were pretty cool. Just something to get the mind moving on the hot humid summer days or the cold winter days, depending where you are in the world....
inspiration not a pattern

again, not a pattern but inspiration

I think this is so cool - I never can quite figure this out and here's a crochet tutorial for a yoyo afghan
June is a popular month for weddings. Even Barbie (okay, I know I should say "11 inch fashion doll" or however tall Barbie is, but we both know it's Barbie, a trademark of Mattel) is getting married and here's a gown for her: http://grandmothersdollhouse.com/?p=349

Not too much crochet for men for the wedding, but there is a crocheted bowtie (for a normal sized man) http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2009/06/how-to_crocheted_bow_tie.html?CMP=OTC-5JF307375954

More doll clothes - this time it's the Bratz clothes

I liked this particular pattern as it's adaptable for whatever size baby blanket you wish to make

well, I told you it was a short one, I'll try to do a longer one next week. As usual, no one is paying me to post these links. I'd be happy to take some bucks (or really, maybe just some yarn needles. I have the feeling my kittens are stealing the yarn needles I am using to weave in the tails of my projects). Have a good week, don't party too much for Quebec Party Day..

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